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Elden Ring Malenia Serves As Every Antagonist In Elden Ring Streamer’s Victory Over The Game


Elden ring malenia modifications have made us very happy. The open-world RPG has been transformed into a challenging survival game. They have provided us with Soldier of Godrick, the helpless tutorial boss, as a devoted and surprisingly useful ally. However, the Outer Gods both give and take away.

Elden Ring Malenia
Elden Ring Malenia

Try deflating Elden Ring when every adversary, from the smallest scarab to the mightiest man-serpent, has been changed into Malenia if you think you’re tough.

That was the obstacle that YouTuber and undisputed hero Bushy recently overcame. Bushy used an enemy randomizer that he obtained from Nexus Mods to purposefully turn the Lands Between into a terrifying hellscape filled with Malenias.

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Bushy’s YouTube channel has the entire run available, but if you want to get a quick sense of what he faces, we suggest starting at the scene we’ve included below, where he enters the chasms beneath Summonwater Village and discovers not one, not two, but five Malenias hiding out in a space about the size of an airplane toilet to ambush him. On Elden Ring, we’ve seen plenty of rapid deaths, but this might merit its own speedrun category.

Malenia has a dilemma because, in essence, she lacks any flaws. You could roll past their assaults and dodge around enemies more easily if they were all Fire Giants or even Elden Beasts.

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Malenia, however, is quick, her attacks have a great deal of range, and particularly early on in the game, she has the ability to instantly kill you.

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Nonetheless, Bushy survives to see Elden Ring’s closing titles after nearly eight grotesque hours and Formless Mother knows how many fatalities. It’s an incredible accomplishment, and we welcome you to try it for yourself if your life right now feels too joyful and you feel like you could use some never-ending suffering. We will limit ourselves to a single Malenia, as there are currently too many of them.

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