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Current Election Results: The Most Anticipated Races


Results for the 2023 General Election.

Election and race calls come from The Associated Press; The Times offers estimates for each candidate’s share of final vote and remaining votes using historical turnout data and reporting from results providers; these may or may not correspond with official election reports.

election results 2023
election results 2023

Michael Andre, Cam Baker, Neil Berg, Michael Beswetherick, Matthew Bloch and Irineo Cabreros from Andrew Chavez were the main producers. Nate Cohn from Lindsey Rogers Cook as well as Alastair Coote produced this project as well as Annie Daniel from Saurabh Datar; Leo Dominguez Tiff Fehr Andrew Fischer Martin Gonzalez Gomez Will Houp Jasmine C Lee Ilana Marcus Jaymin Patel Charlie Smart Isaac White and Christine Zhang.

Reporting by David W. Chen, Emily Cochrane, Nicholas Fandos, Emma G. Fitzsimmons, J. David Goodman, Jeffery C. Mays, Amelia Nierenberg Rick Rojas Dana Rubinstein Edgar Sandoval Tracey Tully Michael Wines Kate Zernike. Editing was provided by Wilson Andrews Felice Belman William P Davis Dean Chang Amy Hughes Ben Koski Allison McCartney Esha Ray Dagny Salas.

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