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Honey Boo Boo 2023: What’s New with the Reality Star?

Honey Boo Boo 2023
Honey Boo Boo 2023

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson first rose to fame as a child star on TLC show “Toddlers & Tiaras,” before going on her own spin-off series called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Known for her signature catchphrase and penchant for mixing Mountain Dew and Red Bull into what is commonly referred to as “go-go juice”, Alana quickly gained prominence as an adult celebrity.

What has she been up to since 2023? Below are updates regarding her life, career, and plans for the future.

Body Transformation

Honey Boo Boo 2023

Honey Boo Boo has made many strides toward her body transformation since 2023, going to the gym five days a week and having undergone weight loss surgery in August 20221.

She participated in a body empowerment photoshoot in January 2022, where she and other women held up signs with insecurities and desires that she shared on her Instagram account and wrote she could see “big differences” compared to a year earlier.

Honey Boo Boo 2023

She shared that she has always struggled with her self-image, yet now feels more self-confident and motivated since the photoshoot. Additionally, she thanked Kelly Leverett for helping her feel beautiful in her own skin.

Family Reunion

Honey Boo Boo 2023

One of the major events in Honey Boo Boo’s life was her high school graduation ceremony held on May 2023. This event brought together both family and friends – including “Mama June” Shannon who had lost custody due to addiction issues.

Mama June was so pleased with Alana’s success and posted a video of her walking up on stage to accept her diploma, along with an emotional note thanking her for never giving up and declaring her undying affection for her daughter1.

Honey Boo Boo 2023

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird, Alana’s sister and legal guardian, extended her congratulations via Instagram as well. Lauryn exclaimed her amazement at Alana’s growth over time, noting how beautiful her soul was, as well as the far she had come despite all odds1. Lauryn could hardly wait to witness what would unfold next in Alana’s life1.

Future Plans

Honey Boo Boo 2023

Alana plans on continuing her studies at Georgia Military College (GMC) until graduation; eventually pursuing nursing or cosmetology careers. According to her high school’s “Senior Spotlight” Q&A session, Alana stated in response to questions regarding future plans that she plans on staying put after high school graduation1.

Honey Boo Boo 2023

She also revealed some of her hobbies, interests and goals. She says that she enjoys watching Netflix, socializing with friends, shopping and traveling – her favorite subject being math while science remains one of her least favorites – her role model being her sister Pumpkin; while Hawaii remains her ideal vacation spot.

She expressed that she hopes to leave a positive mark on the world by helping others and spreading kindness. She wishes for herself to be remembered as someone who always had a smile on their face, was humorous, outgoing, and upbeat.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: How old is Honey Boo Boo in 2023?

A: Honey Boo Boo is 17 years old in 2023. She was born on August 28, 2005.

Q: How much is Honey Boo Boo worth in 2023?

A: Honey Boo Boo’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million in 2023. She has earned most of her money from being a reality star on various TV shows3.

Q: Who is Honey Boo Boo dating in 2023?

A: Honey Boo Boo is dating a college student named Dralin. They have been together since early 2021 and often share pictures of their dates on social media.

Q: Where can I watch Honey Boo Boo’s shows?

A: You can watch Honey Boo Boo’s shows on various platforms, such as TLC, WE tv, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

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