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Hugh Hamrick: The Man Behind the Scenes of David Sedaris’s Humor


David Sedaris is an iconic American humorist, comedian, author, and radio contributor who has published multiple best-selling books and essay collections such as Barrel Fever, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and The Best of Me. His comedic stories often revolve around family, travels and personal experiences – all highlighted through humor by one person in particular who often remains unseen: his husband Hugh Hamrick.

Who is Hugh Hamrick?

Hugh Hamrick
Hugh Hamrick

Hugh Hamrick is an artist and painter who previously specialized in theatrical scenery design, having contributed to shows like Ragtime and Broadway original The Lion King set. Additionally, Hugh produces small paintings for Sedaris book covers; occasionally helping him with readings and signings as needed. Sedaris often portrays Hugh as the straight man to his antics; giving him the nickname of Congressman Prude.

How did they meet and fall in love?

Sedaris and Hamrick first met through mutual friends in October 1990 when Sedaris helped another borrow Hamrick’s ladder. Soon thereafter they started dating, and by March 1991 Sedaris wrote in his diary that he was in love. Since then they have been inseparable, eventually marrying on August 23, 2013 in London. Together they currently reside in West Sussex with two dogs and a cat as well as having an apartment in Paris where they spend part of the year.

How do they support each other’s careers and passions?

Sedaris and Hamrick share great admiration and respect for one another’s work and talents, often complementing each other and encouraging each other’s artistic endeavors. Sedaris frequently praises Hamrick’s paintings and encourages him to exhibit them while crediting Hamrick for being an excellent editor/critic of his writing. In turn, Hamrick always travels with Sedaris whenever possible, helping with readings/signings/stage appearances etc and sometimes joins him on stage himself! They both love art, literature & music so often visit museums/galleries or concerts together!

How do they cope with the challenges and joys of being a couple?

Sedaris and Hamrick have experienced both challenges and joys together as a couple, particularly due to being gay and living in different countries. They have dealt with prejudice, discrimination and legal issues related to being LGBT+ while dealing with loss due to AIDS or other causes; at the same time they have shared many achievements, milestones and adventures together while taking pleasure from everyday life’s simple pleasures – with strong bonds between themselves as well as mutual understanding, sense of humor, respectful communication skills, accepting differences of opinion with no fear and respecting each others space – Sedaris describes them as “perfect for each other”.

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