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Ice Cream Haircut: How to Achieve and Style This Cool Look


Are you in search of an eye-catching hairstyle to set yourself apart from the crowd? Consider trying the ice cream haircut – an eye-catching and striking style inspired by the shape of an ice cream scoop with its rounded top and flipped out edges. Popular among young men looking to add volume and texture, as well as anyone experimenting with new looks, this trendiness will surely make an impressionful statement about who you are. In this article we’ll show how to achieve and style it perfectly while offering helpful tips to make it look great.

What is the Ice Cream Haircut?

Ice Cream Haircut
Ice Cream Haircut

The Ice Cream Cut is a modern take on the classic short back and sides cut3, which features short sides with long, loose layers on top that can be styled in various ways to achieve an edgy look. It derives its name from this longer layer’s resemblance of soft serve ice cream!

The Ice Cream Haircut (sometimes known as Shaggy or Roblox Haircut ) has become an internet meme, with users mocking or appreciating this style on TikTok or posting instructions for how to achieve it at home.

How to Achieve the Ice Cream Haircut

For an ice cream haircut, it is necessary to grow out your hair to at least 4 inches (10.2 cm). Once this has been accomplished, consult with a barber about creating layered bangs – these should be cut at an angled position so as to be shorter at the center and longer on either side – then have all other parts trimmed short but away from the scalp; you could also consider getting fades or undercuts for added contrast between top and side parts of the head.

Alternative, you could try performing an ice cream haircut at home using the appropriate tools and skills. You will require scissors, comb, round brush, blow dryer and some hair products such as gel, wax or pomade. Here is how it should work:

  • – Before washing and towel-drying your hair, leave it slightly damp for optimal results.
  • Comb your hair forward, and use scissors to cut bangs at an angled cut starting from the center and working outward. Be sure to leave some length at the front while cutting shorter bangs further back.
  • Comb your remaining hair back, and use scissors to shorten it according to the shape of your head. For added flair, consider using a clipper instead for creating fades or undercuts if that’s your desired effect.
  • Apply a gel, wax or pomade to your hair using your fingertips for even distribution.
  • Use the round brush and blow dryer to style your hair. Start from the front by directing airflow from beneath your brush towards its middle section; when reaching it, flick your wrist upward to create a distinct curve in it. Continue this process until all top layers of hair have been styled.
  • Use your fingers to manipulate the shape and flip out edges as needed. Add hairspray if needed to secure this style in place.

How to Style an Ice Cream Haircut

The Ice Cream Haircut is an adaptable style, ideal for any mood and preference. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • For a casual yet laid-back look, leave your hair messy and tousled, and allow your bangs to fall naturally over your forehead. This will create an easygoing vibe perfect for everyday wear.
  • For an elegant and sophisticated appearance, smooth your hair with a comb before tucking your bangs behind your ears for formal occasions. This will ensure a sleek and sharp appearance.
  • Add color to your hair for an eye-catching ice cream haircut look with highlights, streaks, or tips! It will add personality and flair while making it stand out from the crowd.

Tips and Tricks for the Ice Cream Haircut

Here are a few key takeaways from my ice cream haircut experience that may help maximize its benefits:

  • The Ice Cream Cut works best on straight or wavy hair as it creates more volume and texture. For curlier or coilier locks, however, straightening or using relaxers or keratin treatments could make your locks more manageable before trying this style.
  • Maintaining an ice cream haircut requires regular care, as its style and shape may change over time. You should trim your hair every four to six weeks and use products designed specifically to moisturize and protect it.
  • An ice cream haircut is a striking and unique style that may not suit everyone. Before making the leap to full commitment, try it on with a wig, filter or virtual makeover app to see how it looks on you before asking your barber or friends’ opinion for feedback and advice.
  • The Ice Cream Haircut is an exciting and trendy hairstyle that stands out from the pack. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying its creative expression of yourself through hair. So, why not give the Ice Cream Cut a try if you feel adventurous enough – you might just be amazed how much you like it!

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