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Is Donna Kelce Married? Travis and Jason Kelces Parent Donna Kelce Husband, Wiki, Age, Twitter & More


Is Donna Kelce Married

Who are Donna Kelce and Her Husband?

Donna Kelce and Ed Kelce made history when their sons both competed against one another in the Super Bowl. Ed hails from Cleveland and first developed an interest in football during high school. Upon completion of his education he enlisted with the Coast Guard but his service was cut short due to Crohn’s disease; nonetheless he made a successful career in steel industry.

Is Donna Kelce Married?

Is Donna Kelce Married?

Donna Kelce was married for 25 years to Ed Kelce before they separated following their sons’ college graduations and divorced after 25 years together. Though this decision caused strain in their relationship, Donna no longer bears any animosity toward him as reported by Hello Magazine. Donna and Ed met at Fagan’s bar in Old Cleveland Flats, and later married.

Together they raised two sons – Jason and Travis, both college footballers at Cincinnati. Donna and Ed first got married in the ’70s, soon welcoming their eldest child Jason after five years of marriage. Soon thereafter came Travis as part of their family of four; this settled them in Cleveland Heights, Ohio while sending their sons off to University of Cincinnati as football players.


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Donna Kelce Divorce

Donna Kelce Divorce

Donna Kelce spoke out about her divorce by noting, as reported by Hello Magazine, “I don’t hate him – we get along great,” and does not regret marrying Ed because it gave birth to their two sons Jason (center) and Travis (tight end). Donna raised their family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio where Jason now plays center for Philadelphia Eagles while Travis Kelce currently serves with Kansas City Chiefs as tight end.

Donna Kelce Age and Twitter

Donna Kelce has yet to disclose her exact age, though estimates place it anywhere from 60s or 70s. Recently she uploaded a tweet with the hashtag “#gamedayfit,” showing she proudly displayed both Chiefs’ and Eagles’ colors; wearing both red/gold on one side and black/green on the other with black jeans and shoes bearing similar stripes – each made specifically for her by Passion For Ezra (a women-owned business).

Donna Kelce Wiki

Donna Kelce made history when her sons, Jason and Travis, participated in the Super Bowl together as opponents for Donna. According to Donna, winning was all that mattered, while losing was non-negotiable; losing was just not going to happen! “Watching them compete and see them do this for so many years has just been amazing”

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