Home Celebrity news Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating? Know more about him

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating? Know more about him

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating
Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating?

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi and actor/model Lee Soo Hyuk are the newest couple to spark romance rumors in K-entertainment world. Seen bonding on multiple occasions and sharing intimate moments together, which have attracted attention worldwide from fans and media alike.

Relationship Begin

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating?

Reports indicate that Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk began as close friends through multiple chances encounters, yet over time their connection has grown stronger, evidenced through numerous posts and pictures on both of their social media accounts.

Gifts and Dates

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating?

The couple have been seen on several dates, exchanging gifts, and wearing matching outfits similar to Korean drama couples. Lee Soo Hyuk gifted Hoshi with an expensive hat after Hoshi expressed interest in having one but all stores had sold out of them; Lee found Hoshi’s request endearing so decided to give his own hat as a token of his affection towards this younger idol.

On January 18, Lee Soo Hyuk and Hoshi attended an early screening of “Avatar” before Lee Soo Hyuk left for Paris Fashion Week. Hoshi expressed how much he enjoyed watching it with Lee Soo Hyuk as time flew quickly by with their “Soohyukie hyung.” Fans quickly speculated over if these two celebrities might be dating after Lee Soo Hyuk posted Hoshi’s photo to his Instagram account and even tagged it under private.

Fans Welcoming Dating Rumors

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating?

Although dating rumors were simply an inside joke among fans, many were pleased to see two artists enjoying some time off during their busy schedules. Hoshi had long made no secret of his affections for Lee Soo Hyuk; by sharing their photo publicly he likely wanted people to take notice of their bond.


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Lee Soo Hyuk is currently single and does not have a partner at this time, though he has expressed how dating actress Kim Min-hee had a significant positive effect on his career. Lee Soo Hyuk believes every relationship, whether with celebrities or ordinary individuals, helps an actor grow as an artist.

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating?

Hoshi (Kwon Soon-young), is a South Korean singer-dancer-choreographer signed to Pledis Entertainment. He is part of Seventeen’s boy group and leads its Performance Team; Hoshi made his debut as part of Seventeen in 2015 with their extended play “17 Carat.” On April 2, 2021 he released his debut solo mixtape entitled “Spider”.

Who Is Lee Soo-Hyuk?

Is Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk Dating?


Born May 31st 1988, South Korean actor and model Lee Soo-hyuk (also known as Lee Hyuk-soo) began modeling professionally in 2006. Since his debut, Lee Soo-hyuk has worked in numerous fashion shows and cover shoots for numerous fashion magazines; additionally he expanded into acting via music videos such as White Christmas, Vampire Idol and Shark TV series appearances; Runway Cop and Horror Stories 2 film roles also followed; in 2013 alone he walked catwalks during Paris and London Fashion Weeks respectively.

Final Thoughts

Although Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk may or may not be in an actual romantic relationship, their close friendship and bonding moments demonstrate strong chemistry between them. Fans love witnessing their adorable interactions and wish them happiness either as friends or lovers; regardless, we wish both success in both their careers and personal lives!

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