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It’s Time To Start Preparing Your Tires for the Incoming Heat


Start Preparing Your Tires

It’s Time To Start Preparing Your Tires for the Incoming Heat: Everyone focuses on winter driving preparation and tire maintenance when talking about seasonal hazards, and it is true that winter weather conditions can pose serious risks when your vehicle is not ready for them. It’s also true, though, that the summer heat poses its own risks, and maintaining a vehicle properly means knowing how to weatherize it for heat as well as cold. This is especially important in climates that reach extreme summer temperatures, although asphalt can get incredibly hot even in weather that feels mild.

Test Your Brakes

Checking out your brake pads every six months to monitor for wear is a good idea, and in the summer it is especially important to check out the condition of the whole braking system. Winter snow and ice can cause damage that makes rotors stick or causes additional wear to other parts.

On top of that, heat brings out the temper in many drivers, so you will want brakes that let you be nimble if something happens in traffic. If you have drum brakes, you may need specialized tools like a brake drum puller to fully inspect the condition of your brakes.

Line Your Tires

The sudden temperature shift as the season change can stress the seals on tires, especially if the rims have any amount of corrosion or weathering around the seal. Use tire bead sealer to counteract those stresses, and check the seals again if the heat suddenly surges to higher-than-expected levels. Lining your tires with sealer is a cost-effective way to get the most from them, especially if you deal with any rugged terrain or unpaved roads.

If you live in areas where the summer heat often reaches above 100 degrees, you should also double-check the temperature rating of your tires. You may need to buy specialized seasonal tires to deal with extreme asphalt situations in some environments.

Inspect the Tread

Occasional tire inspections are also a good idea, even if the tires are relatively new and still under warranty. Look for signs of uneven wear that might indicate you need to rotate the tires early.

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If you see uneven wear patterns, it is also worth checking the pattern against visual resources that will help you see if there is a likely suspension or drive train repair that might help you avoid further damage.

This opportunity is also a great chance to inspect the tire for signs of puncture damage. It is entirely possible for a nail to lodge in a tire in ways that do not immediately cause a leak, but that do cause a risk. In some of these cases, tire repair is possible.

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Tire repair kits are out there, but they might also require additional tools.

DIY Supplies and Equipment Extras

If you are going to conduct a thorough and efficient seasonal inspection, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the tools to make it easy on yourself. You can find a car jack at AutoZone at a good price, and that not only lets you pull the tire to inspect the brakes, it also makes tire repair and rotation possible. Check out that and other seasonal maintenance supplies as you stock up for your summer tune-up.