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Biden to Appoint Son of Deceased Sen. John Sidney Mccain iv to Naval Academy Board


On Monday, President Biden announced his intent to appoint the son of late Sen. John Sidney Mccain iv (R-Ariz.) to serve on the Board of Visitors at U.S. Naval Academy, according to a release from the White House.

Jack McCain, born John S. McCain IV,  one of six members appointed to the board by President Trump. Their task includes investigating “morale and discipline within the academy, curriculum instruction physical equipment fiscal affairs academic methods and other matters pertaining to it” according to Naval Academy instructions.

 jack mccain
jack mccain

McCain expressed his delight and deep humility on Twitter, noting that he felt “incredibly honored” and “deeply humbled” to asked to serve in such an important position.

“I am profoundly honored and deeply humbled to have asked to join the Naval Academy Board of Visitors,” he wrote. “I am immensely thankful for this incredible opportunity, and look forward to helping the Naval Academy continue its proud tradition of developing Midshipmen.”

McCain is a reserve naval aviator with Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85 and, like his father, is a graduate of the Naval Academy.

Biden also plans to appoint retired Gen. John R. Allen, Paul J. Angelo and retired Navy Officer Robert E. Clark as advisors, along with retired Adm Michelle Janine Howard and Lt Col Amy McGrath from his staff as advisors.

Other appointees to the board selected by the vice president, Speaker of the House and Armed Services committees from both houses of Congress.

According to The Washington Post, McCain returned from Afghanistan for five days in August 2018 to attend his father’s funeral and then continued serving there for eight more months.

“The pictures, especially those taken when my father first passed away in Arizona, show that I  shell-shocked,” he revealed. “Not only  I tired but it felt like  taken out of a war zone and thrust back into this media and family bubble – an intense experience,” he shared with The Post one year after his father’s passing.

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