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Jeffree Star Boyfriend 2023: Jeffree Star NFL Boyfriend Latest Updates


Jeffree Star Boyfriend 2023

Jeffree Star, the makeup artist, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former singer has amassed a strong following on social media due to his talent with makeup application and stylish appearance. However, many fans remain curious about who Jeffree may be romantically involved with in the past or present.

Jeffree Star and Jeffrey Favreau Have the Longest Relationship

Jeffree Star had been in a five-year long relationship with Nathan Schwandt, an accomplished skateboarder. To the surprise of many followers on Jeffree Star’s social media pages who saw them together frequently. Unfortunately the couple parted ways in January 2020 due to personal differences.

Jeffree’s Quick Review of Cheating Allegations

Jeffree's Quick Review of Cheating Allegations | Centralfallout

Soon after their separation, Jeffree was seen dating a prominent personality from reality TV show Big Brother. There were also reports of romantic allegations between Jeffree and a married rapper at this time – allegations which came during cheating allegations against their partner at that time and suspicion that Jeffree may have played some part in their split.

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold’s Romance

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold's Romance | Gossipheadlines

Jeffree was quick to disprove any rumors of their supposed affair by asserting they were just friends, with no interest in disrupting any marriages. Instead, in August 2020 he confirmed his relationship with basketball player Andre Marhold; unfortunately due to Andrea’s homophobic past and accusations from former partners they soon parted ways abruptly.

Jeffree Star Reunites with NFL Athlete

Now in 2023, Jeffree has made headlines by unveiling her rumored NFL athlete boyfriend publicly. She posted a picture holding hands with this “#NFLboo” as they boarded a flight for Wyoming; fans had speculated as to who it might be; Justin Herbert being among them but later confirmed by Jeffree via his podcast Bussin’ With The Boys that her partner is not outly gay.

Jeffree’s Sexual Orientation and Identity Development

Jeffree's Sexual Orientation and Identity Development

Jeffree Star has made headlines recently for being open about his sexuality and gender orientation, sparking much conversation among fans. Jeffree identified as male, expressed distaste for labels, and disclosed via Google that he is pansexual; further clarifying he is just a guy who enjoys wearing makeup who has always dated men.

Conclusion – Jeffree Star has long been the subject of much speculation among his fans, with reports about an apparent romance with an NFL athlete being widely discussed. Although past relationships ended up with accusations of theft and infidelity being levied against Jeffree, his current one remains clear despite speculations. Fans eagerly anticipate seeing what else awaits Jeffree.

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