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Josh Gates illness: The Reason Behind His Hospitalization


Josh Gates is an esteemed American personality in the entertainment industry, particularly within television. Not only has he hosted and co-executive produced several popular programs such as Destination Truth on Syfy but has also co-executive produced and hosted other notable programs including Stranded on Syfy where audiences appreciated his presence and presence.

Versatile Host and Presenter: Josh Gates’ Journey

Josh Gates
Josh Gates

At present, he hosts and co-executive produces The Discovery Channel’s Expedition: Unknown and Legendary Locations series showcasing his versatility as a presenter and ability to work across genres. In 2014, he married Hallie Gnatovich – his co-star on Destination Truth – with whom he now shares two children together.

Josh Gates has not only hosted and produced television programs but has also appeared in commercials as a voice-over artist. In 2020, he created Josh Gates Tonight – an interview show that uses video conferencing technology to interview guests from around the globe.

TV Star’s Estimated Net Worth  in 2023

As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at approximately $3 Million due to his successful TV industry career and involvement with various projects.

Josh Gates Illness and Hospitalization

Josh Gates is well-known to suffer from an allergy to English ivy (hedera helix), which causes skin irritation, redness, swelling and anaphylaxis reactions. Furthermore, in 2021 he fell ill after eating bat guano-contaminated food while working underground with multiple crew members; they had to be hospitalized and Gates was later diagnosed with illness related to bat poop.

By 2022, Gates had rebounded and managed to shed nearly 30 pounds through improved diet and exercise routines during the Covid epidemic. On August 5th of that year he announced to his Josh Gates Live audience that he had relocated to New England despite vowing never to revisit those locations after 2021 illness.

Hospitalization was necessary in order to manage his symptoms and protect his safety until he had fully recovered. Gates needed to remain hospitalized for an extended period due to his severe case of rotavirus illness – highly contagious virus which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dehydration symptoms – before receiving adequate medical care he eventually made a full recovery and was released from care.

Josh Gates has earned himself an esteemed position within the entertainment industry and become a household name. Despite dealing with allergies and illness, he continues to follow his passion for adventure – inspiring audiences worldwide with his feats of exploration.

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