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Kanpur Incident Amit Dubey 28 Years Old Compounder Dies as Prank Goes Wrong


India:Kanpur:Kanpur Incident Amit Dubey 28 Years Old Compounder Dies as Prank Goes Wrong, Now days a news viral on social media a young couple prank goes wrong in UP”s Kanpur. On Tuesday 28 February 2023, something very disturbing happened on social media sites.

It shocked thousands of people and left them in shock. You heard it right. In Kanpur, a prank went sour while becoming a serious as a man became lifeless in the name of scaring his wife.

Amit Dubey, a 28-year-old compounder, died after putting his life in danger. This was quite shocking. You can find out more information and some undiscovered facts below. This media was not compatible with any other sources.

According to the reports, Amid returned home drunken and his wife Shweta had been neglecting her condition. She asked him many times to be normal because she doesn’t like these things. After a brief argument, Amid rushed into a bedroom and locked it from the inside. Shweta was then out of the room. Extempore began to do dangerous things, trying to scare Shweta by putting his noose around her neck.

What happened to Amit Dubey’s life?

Shweta repeatedly asked him to go outside because he wasn’t in a normal condition and that is why things could have turned out more deadly. But he kept refusing to obey her commands. The tragedy occurred when he suddenly stopped breathing. She called her neighbors to help her break the door and get him out of his room so she can take him to the nearest hospital for treatment.

In addition to all this, when the medical team examined him, they declared him dead and asked them to return him to their home for cremation. He had stopped breathing, so there was no chance of him surviving. The prank was a failure, as he didn’t realize it at the time.

It was a joke that didn’t work. Amit Dubey (a 28-year old compounder) tried to intimidate his wife by wrapping a noose around her neck. Shweta Dubey, Amit’s wife, was horrified to learn that he had returned home drunk. After…

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