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Indian Kartik Saini Died At Toronto In Canada


Indian Kartik Saini Died: An Indian student Kartik Saini at 20 went to higher education went  from India to Canada in august 2021. But Recent days 23/11 Kartik Saini was riding bicycle on street at Toronto in Canada. A pickup truck ran over and killed him that moment else her mom also heart now she is in hospital.  Although the victim is still unknown to police, Kartik Saini, his cousin, has identified him. Parveen Saini (the victim’s cousin) told CBC Toronto the victim arrived from India in august 2021. Kartik’s family resides in Karnal, Haryana, according to his cousin.

According to Sheridan College records, Kartik was a student at the college. The community is grieving the tragic loss of Kartik, according to the publication. It sent an email to its members, expressing deep sympathy for his family, friends, and teachers.

Who Was Kartik Saini?

Kartik Saini
Kartik Saini

A pickup truck struck Kartik Saini, a 20-year-old Indian national. The truck was parked at Yonge Street East and St. Clair Avenue East. The truck was travelling westbound. The truck was traveling westbound when it collided with the bicycle at the intersection. It dragged the cyclist for about 100 feet. The pickup driver was arrested and charged with the incident.

The student, a 20-year-old from Karnal in India, was enrolled at Sheridan College as a computer systems technician program. On his way back from work, he was crossing Yonge Street. His mother was also riding her bike at the time. A few witnesses shouted at him to stop but he continued on his way. Saini was declared dead on the spot and was not revived. His mother was admitted to hospital and has not eaten in two days. His sister also has been crying non-stop.

Kartik Saini Died In Toronto, Canada

A 20-year old Indian named Kartik Saini was killed in a collision with a pickup truck as he crossed the street in Toronto earlier this week. He was a student of Sheridan College, and hails from Karnal, an Indian town.

According to police, Saini was crossing Yonge Street as he returned to work. He was crossing the intersection in the eastbound direction, using a pedestrian crosswalk to the north. Saini was struck by the truck driver who made an illegal right turn. The truck driver was declared dead on the spot. The pickup driver, a 60 year-old male, was charged with causing the death by careless driving, proceeding against a sign and violating the signal.

An official memorial was erected on the spot of the accident. Advocacy For Respect For Cyclists, a group that advocates for cyclists’ rights, is organizing a ride in his honor on November 30. They are calling for an investigation into the incident and for the return of the body back to India for burial.

His mother was admitted to hospital following Kartik’s passing. Her mother hasn’t eaten and her sister is crying all the time. Kartik’s driver has yet to be identified by her family.

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