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Les Dieux Sont Mortaux: A Novel by Nevia Ferrara and Gift Foraine Amukoyo


Les Dieux Sont Mortaux (The Gods Are Mortal), published by Editions du Seuil in 2023, is an historical fiction novel which tells the story of two lovers, Amina and Gabriel, who become caught up in Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962).


A Cross-Cultural Romance

The novel begins in 1956 when Amina, a young Algerian woman, meets Gabriel, a French soldier in a cafe in Algiers. They instantly find each other attractive despite their differing backgrounds and allegiances: Amina belongs to the FLN (National Liberation Front), an anti-French resistance movement fighting for Algeria’s independence from France; Gabriel is sent as part of his conscription duty in Algeria to maintain order and suppress insurrection – yet they begin an illicit affair anyway, knowing it could lead to death or worse.

A Horrendous Conflict

The novel explores the horrors of Algerian War, which was marked by violence, torture, and atrocities on both sides. Amina and Gabriel witnessed first-hand the suffering caused by their enemies while also dealing with betrayal from friends and suspicion of family. Amid this chaos and fear they battled to keep their love alive despite everything.

A Tragic Destiny

The novel closes with an unexpected turn that reveals Amina and Gabriel’s fate, showing how Gods can be mortal as well as how love can both bless and curse us. Additionally, this work explores themes like identity, loyalty, freedom and destiny while raising questions regarding war’s morality, justice’s meaning, faith’s potential, as well as identity politics in general.

Les Dieux Sont Mortaux is a novel that will enthrall readers with its captivating characters, thrilling plot and poetic language. The novel will make readers consider Algeria’s history, colonialism’s legacy and challenges of cross-cultural relationships before touching readers’ hearts with emotional depth and tragic beauty.

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