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Like Watery Coffee NYT: A Common Crossword Clue in the Mini Puzzle


Crossword puzzle fans might recognize “Like watery coffee” from The New York Times Mini Crossword as it has appeared several times since January 20, 2023; its answer remains consistent: WEAK.

What is the NYT Mini Crossword?

Like Watery Coffee NYT
Like Watery Coffee NYT

The New York Times Mini Crossword is a daily crossword puzzle published online and via their app that features 5×5 grids with no more than 10 clues across and down1. Designed as an accessible challenge that can be completed quickly, solving it will increase vocabulary knowledge while strengthening general knowledge as well.

Why is “Like watery coffee” such a common indicator?

“Like watery coffee” is an often-used clue because it quickly and succinctly expresses weakness or dilutiveness. Weak can refer to many things; such as lacking strength, power or intensity; failing to convince or persuade; deficient in quality or quantity – hence this phrase can be applied to arguments, signals, passwords or currencies.

Mini Crossword players typically refer to weak as something not strong or concentrated, like coffee, tea or juice. The clue “Like watery coffee” equates weakness with coffee that contains too much water without sufficient coffee grounds – leaving less flavorful aromatic stimulant experiences and aromas behind.

How to solve the clue “Like watery coffee”?

For this clue “Like watery coffee”, it’s necessary to identify four-letter words that mean weak or watery. Since there may be few such terms available, try eliminating ones that do not make sense – for instance some four-letter words that might indicate weakness include:

  • FAIN: This word means faint or timid, yet is rarely used and does not fit the clue.
  • LIMP: This term describes lack of rigidity or firmness but tends to refer to physical movements or objects, not liquids or abstract concepts.
  • PALE: This term denotes lack of color or brightness, though it’s often used to refer to appearance rather than taste or quality. SOFT: Soft is often used to refer to texture or sound rather than flavor or intensity.
  • WEAK fits this clue perfectly; it means “lacking strength, power or intensity; lacking conviction or efficacy; or deficient in quality or quantity”. Thus it provides the only suitable answer to “Like watery coffee”.


In the NYT Mini Crossword, one of the more frequently occurring clues is “Like Watery Coffee”. You must locate a four-letter word that means weak or diluted – in other words, something which lacks strength or concentration – such as WEAK; thus giving rise to an interesting metaphor comparing weak somethings to coffee with too much water and not enough grounds – making crossword puzzles a fantastic way of testing vocabulary knowledge in an engaging yet challenging manner. This particular clue shows off just one element of crossword puzzles’s versatility by challenging crossword puzzles’ unique ability: they put such demands upon players compared with classic crossword puzzles like those offered by traditional crossword puzzles: this example shows why crossword puzzles challenge not only test their general knowledge but can do it through testing fun crossword puzzles’ unique challenges by test inducing all sorts of puzzles! This clue illustrates this phrase: compared with coffee which contains too much water but too few grounds compared with coffee having too much water but not enough grounds compared with coffee that has too much water but not enough coffee grounds present. Crosswords provide fun challenges while engaging you while testing both your vocabulary as well as general knowledge through fun puzzles! Crosswords prove this genre’s challenge can test both vocabulary knowledge as well as vocabulary tests in fun ways! This example showcases can stretch both in addition to regular puzzles too! This clue offers something similar!

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