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Max Norris: The Grandson of Chuck Norris Who Is Making His Own Mark

Max Norris
Max Norris

Max Norris is a 23-year-old artist and athlete best known as the grandson of legendary martial artist and actor Chuck Norris, also known as Mike Norris who stars in several action movies as an actor or director himself. Max lives with two sisters named Greta and Hannah near Denton, Texas, enjoying watching movies together with his grandfather.

Early Life and Family

Max Norris
Max Norris

Max was born to Mike Norris and Valerie Norris, who have been married since 1992. Mike is the oldest child of Chuck Norris and Dianne. Like his father before him, Mike also ventured into film production – appearing in movies such as Born American,

Delta Force: The Killing Game Survival Game Death Ring Ripper Man Dragon Fury II The Rage Within while owning 2nd Fiddle Entertainment Motion Picture Studio which produced I Am Gabriel AmeriGeddon Maggies Passage while often casting his children in supporting roles within those movies! Mike often cast secondary characters that role actors from within his films which he produced!

Max Norris

Valerie is involved with showbiz as a producer. She has collaborated on some of her husband’s movies as well as other projects. Valerie is an attentive wife and mother who cherishes time spent with family.

Max has two sisters named Hannah and Greta; Hannah being his oldest child born in 1995 and attending University of Arkansas before traveling to India for social work as well as being an accomplished basketball player in high school. Max’s twin sister Greta, born January 7th is an athlete with over 200K followers on TikTok as well as being in love with Post Malone who she has even met personally!

Max Norris

Max hails from Grapevine, Texas where he attended Faith High School. Max played linebacker on their football team which won the state title in 2016 while also playing soccer and baseball for Faith. Since graduating high school he has studied at University of North Texas.

Career and Interests

Max Norris
Max is a versatile artist who enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting and making music. His Instagram account showcases some of his artworks while his YouTube channel contains videos featuring both original songs as well as covers such as: I’m Sorry”, Dreams”, Lies” and Wish You Were Here”.

Max has also taken to acting, following in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather. Recently he worked on a project with Martin Klebba (Marty in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise). On Instagram he posted a photo with Martin and paid his compliments as an outstanding actor.

Max Norris

Max Norris is also an avid movie lover who enjoys watching them with his grandfather Chuck Norris. Max revealed that Chuck loves sitting down and watching movies with his grandkids when not on set; additionally he did not realize that Chuck was participating in Claim to Fame – a reality show in which celebrity relatives compete against one another to identify each other’s identities.

Claim to Fame Controversy

Max Norris

Max was one of the contestants featured on Claim to Fame, an ABC show which premiered July 11th 2022 and features 10 celebrity relatives living together and trying to guess each other’s famous connections through yes/no questions. Contestants cannot use any devices or reveal themselves until eliminated from competition.


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Max became involved with Claim to Fame after appearing as one of its contestants on ABC show Claim to Fame (later cancelled due to controversy).

Max was disqualified from the show due to breaking its no-device rule by using his cell phone while in his room, which is against the rules and led him to being the first contestant eliminated from it even though they weren’t chosen as its first guesser by peers.

Max Norris

He had to come clean about being Chuck Norris’ grandson to the other contestants, who were taken aback at his shocking revelation. Apologizing for breaking any rules in doing so and emphasizing how much fun he had on the show, he expressed regret but stated he had enjoyed himself on its platform.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: How old is Max Norris?

A: He turned 23 in 2023.

Q. Who are Max Norris’ parents?

A: Max Norris was born to Mike and Valerie Norris, both actors and directors with their son being Chuck Norris himself. Valerie worked on some of her husband’s films.

Q: Who are Max Norris’ siblings?

A: Max Norris has two sisters, Hannah and Greta. Hannah was the eldest, born in 1995, and works as both a social worker and former basketball player. Greta, Max’s twin sister born 2000, is also an athlete as well as TikTok star.

Q: Please describe Max Norris’ career achievements?

A: Max Norris is an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting and making music. He maintains an Instagram and YouTube channels where he showcases his art works and songs he’s created; additionally he’s been featured in some projects alongside Martin Klebba as an actor.

Q: What is Max Norris known for? A: His claim to fame lies within his extensive fighting career.

Max Norris is best known as the grandson of legendary martial artist and actor Chuck Norris, while competing on Claim to Fame – a reality show where celebrity relatives compete to guess each other’s identities. Unfortunately he was disqualified after breaking the no-device rule on this reality show and was disqualified.

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