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Memetic Monday: How to Create and Spread Viral Memes that Make People Smile


In this article, Memes have become a common part of internet culture, offering users entertaining images or videos with funny, catchy phrases to share online. Memes can make us laugh, think or feel something and can spread ideas, opinions and messages across platforms and communities. But how can you create and spread viral memes that make people smile? Here are a few helpful hints.

memetic monday
memetic monday

Know Your Audience

At the center of creating a viral meme is understanding your target audience. Consider who it’s meant for and their interests, preferences, and problems before developing your meme so it appeals to them and amuses them. For instance, creating one targeting students could mean using images from popular movies, shows, or games they like as references for making jokes about schoolwork, exams or teachers that they can relate to and find amusing.

Choose a Relevant Topic

Next, choose an engaging topic for your meme. Make sure it is something current, trending or popular in your niche or culture while being interesting to your target audience and surprising to them; that way you can capture their interest and get them sharing it with their networks. If creating memes for gamers, images from current games, updates or news might work great as will making jokes about glitches, bugs or features they love or hate as an approach.

Use a Catchy Format

The final step to creating an effective meme is developing an appealing format for it. A catchy format should be simple, clear, and easily understandable while being memorable to your audience; using images or references of famous athletes, teams or events they admire or disdain is often effective; using familiar formats such as reaction images or captioned photos could also work well – the key here is being creative! If creating one specifically targeting sports fans this could include using images with familiar sports figures from popular events; similar images used regularly are all ways.

Add a Creative Twist

Step four is to give your meme an original, unexpected, or clever twist by adding something original, unexpected, humorous, witty or sarcastic that stands out from the competition and makes people laugh or smile – for instance if making a meme for pet lovers you might include images or references to cute or funny animals they adore and relate to while adding twists such as puns, wordplay or parodies that they find amusing or entertaining.

Share It with the World

Final Step – Dissemination When sharing your meme, make sure that it reaches its intended target audience on platforms, channels, groups and occasions that matter to them – such as social media platforms, channels or groups they frequent or follow; times or occasions they’re most active receptive – in order to increase its exposure, reach, engagement and virality. For example if making memes targeted towards foodies (ie foodies), share on their favorite food-oriented social networks such as social media, blogs or forums they visit or subscribe; make sure that during lunch, dinner or snack times or during special days such as holidays festivals celebrations they enjoy or participate in.


Generating and spreading viral memes that make people smile is no simple task, but it isn’t impossible either. Just follow these five steps: know your audience, choose an engaging topic, use an accessible format with creative flourishes, add something extra special with it all coming together in Memetic Monday smiles.

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