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Micah White Rickey Smiley Niece Cause For Death


Micah white rickey smiley niece The entire family was devastated when Rickey Smiley Niece Micah died on September 7, 2016. She was a dear niece and a close friend to many.

Her passing comes at a very difficult time for her sister, brother-in-law and other family members, who just lost their father earlier in the year. The family’s support and strength are a source of comfort and hope as they cope with their loss.

Micah white rickey smiley niece Graveside service

Micah white rickey smiley niece
Micah white rickey smiley niece

Rickey Smiley attended the funeral service for Micah White’s death last month and was extremely complimentary of his life. He discovered the money he intended to pay him. Rickey Smiley, who spoke at the funeral, said that he was a man with faith and is motivated to continue it.

Clyde Smith and Jimmy Dennis are also buried at Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Joaquin. Joaquin City Cemetery also buries Willie Dennis and Randy Dennis. There are also memorials for Shriner’s Hospital for Children and the American Diabetes Association.

Jim Daw, Joe Daw, and Margaret Leach are the sons respectively of Gilbert Dennis, a brother, and Margaret Leach. Jimmy Howard, a great-nephew of the deceased brother, is also part of the family.

If you wish to make a donation, please visit the funeral home. Adair County will award a scholarship in memory of the deceased.

Other relatives are also located in the vicinity, including Tara Schildroth’s father and stepmother. Jim Perry is another uncle. His wife Tamra LaHood Dw is another uncle. If you are interested in donating, please consider Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Watson & Sons Funeral Homes in Center is the place to go if you wish to attend. Visitation will be held from 5-8 p.m. Friday, July 9th.

Micah white rickey smiley niece In memoriam

Rickey Smiley’s nephew Micah was declared brain dead after an accident involving a drowning. Although it is not uncommon for children to drown in accidents, this case is unusual. Investigations are ongoing into the cause of death.

There are several relatives involved in the death of Micah, including his father Edward Oakley, Vivian Byers Oakley, his mother Deana Bagwell, and his brother Scott Bagwell. Although it is a sad loss, his family rallies around Micah.

His uncle attended an event at which people praised the young man’s achievements. Since Monday, he’s been in the hospital. The family plans to hold a fundraising event in honour of the young man. This will hopefully be the beginning of a healing process.

“Rickey smiley” is a television personality and radio host. Rickey hosts the show and also manages a mobile phone club that allows listeners access to news and information on their phones.


Rickey Smiley has been through many trials and tribulations. It is no secret. He discovered the amount of money he wanted to pay his nephew Micah while he was on Bimini.

They are now closer than ever. They have shared a lot of time together as a result. He even attended a praise event for his nephew.

Eddie Plush’s death is another notable event. Eddie Plush, who was the founder and last known victim of the Plush Optical Company, died March 31, 2019.

DeAna, his wife, was there to support him at his time of death. Four grandchildren are also survivors of the couple, along with his three children.

Many of his closest friends and colleagues are also mourning. Drew Tappan and Katherine Tappan are just a few of the many.

His sister Cheryl Oakley and Vivian Byers are also grieving the loss of a beloved one. The good company was what got them through this difficult time.

A doctor friend referred to him to as a “great guy, who had the courage and stood up against the evils associated with the drug trade.” He was able to avoid the dangers.

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