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Michael And Melissa Burnett Arrested: SC Couple Arrested For Ignoring Pregnant Woman’s ‘Tortured Cries’ & Fatal Beating


Michael And Melissa Burnett Arrested: We are sharing some shocking and unhappy information. A couple from South Carolina was arrested for allegedly “bludgeoning to death” a 22-year old pregnant woman.

Her nephew then robbed her of her home and they did not respond to her “tortured cries.” This information was shared on the internet not too long ago and quickly became viral on numerous social networking sites.

Uncounted reactions started to appear on the internet as soon as the information was circulated via social media. Many people are now curious about all the details.

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Who is Michael Burnett and Melissa Michelle Burnett?

Michael Burnett and Melissa Michelle Burnett
Michael Burnett and Melissa Michelle Burnett

You may be a Clarissa Winchester family member, or someone who is just following the case closely, and you might have heard of Melissa Michelle Burnett and Michael Thomas Burnett. Both of them are related to Tyler Wilkins, who was responsible for the murder of Clarissa Winchester last November. The Winchesters weren’t involved in the actual crime but they were both in the same house at the time. They were both taken to the Greenville County Detention Center and held on a misprision for felony.

The Burnetts are respectively 43-years old and 49 years. Michael is a relative to Wilkins and Melissa is his sister in-law. They were each issued a $20,000 bond and remain at the Detention Center. They are currently being tried on several charges.

Although there was no evidence that they were involved in the crime, the Sheriff’s Office did issue a scathing report. They were both charged with misprision of the felony and neglect in reporting a crime. A judge also gave them the above odessey.

The Burnetts await trial on various charges. A judge also gave them the nod and they were held behind bars on Saturday night. It is uncertain whether the suspects will ever be able to see the light of the day, as it is with other criminal cases. We hope that the case will be resolved quickly. We hope that the Winchesters’ baby won’t suffer the same fate.

Why Michael And Melissa Burnett Arrested?

Two additional people were also taken into custody by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in connection to the Clarissa Wilkinson investigation on November 9-10. They were charged for failing to respond to a child’s cry of help.

According to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, Clarissa Winchester was attacked by and beat by a man. Clarissa Winchester was seven months pregnant at the time. Michael Burnett, Melissa Burnett, were all charged with failing to provide emergency medical attention and failing to call 911.

Wilkins is also the father. The gender of the baby is unknown, but it is believed it will be a boy.

They also took two French bulldogs from their owners Later they were reunited. The Burnetts also took them into custody, but they managed bond out of the detention center. A GoFundMe page was set up for the Winchester family. It has raised $7800, and has so far raised more than $5800.

According the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department, a probable cause statement has been filed in this case. Melissa Burnett and Michael Burnett made their first appearance before a judge on Saturday. The two were released from $20,000 bonds.

Despite the fact that the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office knew that the Burnetts were Wilkins’ relatives, they were still arrested. They were also accused of misprision for felonies. This means they didn’t report a crime. GoFundMe raised $300 more than it goal. Clarissa Winchester was also recognized by its fans.

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