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Naira Ashraf Killer To be Hanged Live on TV Broadcast in Egypt


Classmate Naira Ashraf Killer, Mohamed Adel at 21 found guilty last month of murdering fellow student Naira Ashraf outside Mansoura University in northern Egypt.

On July 6, he was sentenced to death for his involvement in the horrific stabbing of his classmate. Mansoura Courthouse has now requested that his execution be broadcast live on TV to prevent similar crimes from occurring in the future.

 Naira Ashraf Killer
Naira Ashraf Killer

In its letter to Parliament, the court noted: “Broadcasting even part of a sentencing could serve to achieve deterrence which not achieved by broadcasting only the sentencing itself.” On June 20, Adel tragically shot Ms Ashraf as she stepped off a bus outside their university, which they both attended.

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Mohamed Adel has  found guilty of Naira Ashraf’s murder and could  executed via live television broadcast. Photo credit: Getty. He  seen repeatedly stabbing the student, who was about to take her exams, in shocking daylight footage.

Local media reported that Adel repeatedly punched her in the head, jumped on her and then slit her throat, with horrified bystanders seizing him as he did so. Tragically, Ms Ashraf passed away suddenly while attending her trial.

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Later it revealed that Adel had stalked his fellow student on Facebook and planned to kill her after she ghosted him and refused to marry him. Mohamed Adel is appealing his death penalty conviction and faces an appeal hearing in October 2018.

Adel pleaded guilty to the murder and  sentenced to death, a decision which needed the blessing of Egypt’s ‘Grand Mufti’ Dr Shawki Allam for approval. On July 24, the verdict, which may  appealed,  made public.

Farid El-Deeb, the defendant’s attorney, announced that his client would appeal the sentence. “We still have 60 days to appeal the death sentence against Adel,” he reported as saying.

In 1998, state television broadcast the execution of three men who had killed a woman and her two children at their home in Cairo.  The mother of murdered university of Mansoura student Naira Ashraf. Picture taken in January 2015. In Egypt, the method of execution for civilian convictions is hanging.

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