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How Old Is Near Death Note? Things You Need To Know About Near


Near Death Note: There are many characters in Death Note with their own backstories. One of the most intriguing backstories is that of detective Nate River, also known as Near.

After the four-year skip, Near is now introduced in Death Note 2. He is one of two orphans L taught. Near and Mello were smarter than the rest of the Wammy’s House children and received special guidance by L.

He aspires to be the new L and defeat Kira, the notorious mass murderer. The show’s connections to L are evident in his appearance, behavior, and decision-making.

Near’s age is not clear. Although he appears to be a child in appearance, it is difficult to determine his age by using only his time in an orphanage.

What is the age of a Death Note Near?

Near Death Note

Near was born in 1991 according to the manga. The anime sets Near’s birthday as 1994. Near was 13 years old at the end of part 1, when L is defeated and Kira takes control. In part 2, Near is formally introduced to Near. He is now 17 and will continue his journey at a normal age for the rest of the series. The anime concludes with Near being 18 years old.

The anime ends the series with Kira’s death, but the manga continues with a few chapters about the post-Kira investigation. These chapters take place a few years later in the future and Near would have been almost 20 years old when the manga ended.

Near has taken the place of the new L after achieving his goal. It is four years since the manga’s end. Near is approximately 26 years old at death, with a two year time skip before the next Chapter.

Is Near L’s son?”

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Near (nia/nia), is the younger of L’s two successors. Wammy’s House-orphanage Watari’s in Winchester, England, nurtured him. Near began his investigation into the Kira case after L’s passing. He collected evidence for four years.

Is Near in Death Note for a Girl?

The film’s end credits gave Near the credit of being “BOY”, despite the fact that he was named Near. In the same way, Near’s birth name was not revealed in the film. Near’s voice is interpreted in anime by Noriko Hidaka (Japan) and Cathy Weseluck (English).

Which is smarter L or Near?

Near is smarter than L and even smarter than his companion, Mello. Near made it all the way to the end. But he wouldn’t have been able to catch Light and make it as far without Mello and L.

He was Supposed to Be Mello

Takeshi Obata (Death Note 13: How To Read) stated that Near was supposed look like Mello, while Mello was supposed look like Near. The creators accepted the mistake of the editor. Fans find it very odd to imagine Near doing all the things that Mello did, and Mello being calm while obtaining information by talking to people.

Which kind of character is Near, and what do you think it means?

Whether a legally-adult-in-many-countries male playing with kid’s toys is kawaii is debatable. We can let Near know that he is an intellectual prodigy.

What do Near’s quotes have to say about Death Note’s “world-view?”

Near has near-computer-level brain processing speed when it comes to sleuthing. Near also has great one-liners that reveal much about his worldview.

Near’s worldview fits perfectly into the larger philosophical outlook of Death Note.

Death Note offers a non-monotheistic view on the universe. This means that you don’t see any all-powerful, omnipresent God-like figure. These, like Ryuk are presented as insignificant, small-minded figures who go about taking human souls in a matter of fact, languid stupor.

Death Note’s Shinigami look more like Amazon Fulfillment Center workers than gods, as we tend to think of them.

Ryuk, the main shinigami is quite clownish in many aspects, from his buffoon personality to his pierre-cum emo-punk appearance.

He looks like Ronald McDonald with leather and spikes. Or Ronald, with the ability to kill at a faster rate than the burger giants’ food stuff’s care. You’ll be able to see the difference between Ryuk quotes and mine.

Death Note: Questioning “Good” & “Evil”.

Death Note shows a world in which everything is good or bad and challenges us to consider how we decide which one.

Light Yagami is correct to say that it’s justice to execute criminals to make a better world. Does he feel justified in describing himself as a God of Judgment? What does it mean for those societies around the world that routinely use the death penalty, and pass judgment on others?

Death Note asks about morality in a Godless World.

Remember that Japan is a multitheistic society. Kami deities inhabit rocks and vending machines. Shintoism isn’t able to give you the same advice as monotheistic religions. Many Japanese people approach morality in the same way as atheists: by being pragmatic.

Close Death Note quotes

I went back to the Japanese originals to make better translations.There are a lot of different versions of these, which is a shame. One of my favourite Near quotes shows how he sees the world in Death Note. It shows him to be quite the philosopher.

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