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Packers Playoff Chances: Go for the Playoffs


Green Bay Packers (8-8) have officially qualified for a playoff berth.

Below is a table displaying all of Green Bay Packers’ remaining games, offering you an opportunity to determine their playoff chances by picking any winner and seeing what happens:

If the Packers win or lose, it doesn’t really make much of a difference as long as their record remains 100 to 0. If that weren’t the case, this game would end much differently for both teams and could go either way from there.

Packers Playoff Chances
Packers Playoff Chances

As you select winners for the Packers, colors will reflect their relative importance as you pick winners. Discover other possibilities, like a first-round bye or division title here: click scenario win the division win the division get a wild card get a bye get a Below are tables representing each remaining National Football League game. Take time to choose winners and discover which contests may have the biggest bearing on Green Bay Packers’ chances.

Week 18

amb This simulator simulates 8 games remaining of the NFL regular season and offers up 256 possible outcomes to its conclusion.

So we created this simulator. Most calculators force you to choose winners for every remaining game; here you can choose outcomes for a select few games and track how your team’s chances increase or decline over time.

Packers coverage available exclusively to All Access and The Athletic subscribers.

Learn everything there is to know about the 2023-24 NFL playoffs – from how to watch to tiebreakers – before getting set for game day.

2023-24 NFL Week 18 Playoff Scenarios and Bracket: Packers, Bills and Steelers secure berths.

Bears vs Packers Line, Odds and Predictions: Our experts predict Green Bay to win this matchup.

Estimating odds is achieved by randomly simulating the remaining season thousands of times and recording how often the Packers make the playoffs.

If the outcome for any game is unknown, we combine an Elo rating system and betting market data to estimate each team’s odds of victory (we assume an equal probability — one out of 200 — of tie games happening).

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While this page will prove most useful for Packers fans, this tool can also be utilized by fans of any team on the playoff bubble.

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