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Parking Garage Collapse: A Structural Failure or a Neglected Building?


Parking Garage Collapse: On December 7, 2023, a parking garage in downtown New Delhi collapsed, killing 12 and injuring many more people. This tragedy caused outrage and raised questions regarding safety and maintenance in New Delhi’s infrastructure – what led to its collapse and who is to blame?

The Collapse and the Rescue Operation

Parking Garage Collapse
Parking Garage Collapse

The parking garage was situated in a bustling commercial area nearby a shopping mall and metro station, boasting four levels with capacity for 500 vehicles. At around 10:30 am witnesses reported hearing an unusually loud noise followed by dust and debris falling from the structure before it collapsed quickly, trapping hundreds of people and cars under its debris.

Police, Fire Brigade and National Disaster Response Force personnel joined together with local volunteers in launching a rescue operation immediately, using heavy machinery, sniffer dogs and thermal cameras to search out survivors. Tragically 12 were confirmed dead as of November 20, with over 50 others receiving injuries – some serious.

The Investigation and the Blame Game

The collapse of a parking garage triggered an extensive investigation, involving numerous agencies and experts. Initial findings suggested that its collapse was the result of structural failure due to improper design, poor construction practices, or insufficient maintenance. It had been built by private contractor under supervision by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), an umbrella government organization responsible for city planning.

Investigation revealed several flaws and violations with respect to the parking garage, such as:

The design of this building did not meet all applicable codes and norms for seismic safety and load-bearing capacity.

Construction quality was subpar, due to use of inferior materials, inadequate reinforcement measures, and improper welding practices.

Maintenance was neglectful at best, without regular inspection, repair or audits to address potential problems.

The building was overloaded, with more vehicles than its capacity and some illegal modifications and additions made without proper authorization.

Investigation revealed corruption and negligence of authorities and contractor, who ignored warnings and complaints of users and experts. DDA officials and contractor were accused of colluding together in cutting corners to save time and money; both individuals were arrested and charged with criminal negligence causing death by negligence and endangering public safety.

The Aftermath and Lessons Learned

The collapse of a parking garage was an alarm bell for cities and countries across the world, prompting them to address issues related to urban infrastructure and governance. It highlighted the urgent need for:

  • Strengthening regulations and standards pertaining to the design, construction and maintenance of buildings – in particular those found at public facilities and structures.
  • Enhancing monitoring and enforcement mechanisms to ensure the compliance and accountability of authorities and contractors.
  • Enhance emergency preparedness and response systems, to deal with disasters more efficiently and save lives.
  • Raising public awareness and participation to demand and ensure environmental safety and quality.

The parking garage collapse was an avoidable tragedy that took the lives of innocent individuals and devastated many families. Its cause was multiple – structural failure as well as governance/ethics/police failure- serving as a stark reminder of both its significance and challenges in creating and sustaining safe cities.

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