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Portable Dishwasher on Wheels: A Convenient and Affordable Solution for Small Spaces


If you live in a small apartment or rented house, installing a built-in dishwasher may not be an option; however, that doesn’t mean washing dishes by hand every day – a portable dishwasher on wheels could provide convenience, affordability, and mobility as an alternative solution.

What is a portable dishwasher on wheels?

Portable Dishwasher on Wheels
Portable Dishwasher on Wheels

A portable dishwasher on wheels is an easy, standalone appliance to move around your kitchen or store away when not needed. It features a cabinet-like design which doubles up as additional counter space, as well as an adapter to connect it with any standard sink and power cord for plugging into any regular outlet. Furthermore, its inlet and drain hoses draw in clean water directly from your faucet, with drain hoses pumping dirty water out into your sink basin – similar to how any regular dishwasher operates with different wash cycles, settings, capacities etc.

What are the benefits of a portable dishwasher on wheels?

Portable dishwashers on wheels have several advantages over in-built models or handwashing, including:

  • Flexibility: Portable dishwashers on wheels provide tremendous flexibility, enabling you to use them anywhere there’s access to a sink and an outlet, or take them with you when moving to a new place without worrying about permanent installations, plumbing or wiring requirements.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Portable dishwashers on wheels tend to be more cost-effective than built-in ones when it comes to initial purchase and ongoing costs, saving water, energy and detergent expenses in comparison with hand-washing. You also save time and money from hiring professional services for installation if opted for.
  • Performance: A portable dishwasher on wheels can provide just as effective of a cleaning experience as its built-in counterpart, if not better. Equipped with powerful spray jets, soil sensors and heated dry options that can remove tough stains while simultaneously sanitizing dishes it also accommodates various size and shapes of plates, pots pans and utensils for the best cleaning possible experience.

How to choose a portable dishwasher on wheels?

When purchasing a portable dishwasher on wheels, several factors should be taken into account:

  1. Size: Portable dishwashers on wheels come in two standard widths, 18 and 24 inches. 18-inch models are more compact, making them suitable for small kitchens; however, their capacity and features may be inferior compared with 24-inch models which take up more room and consume more resources. When choosing between sizes it is important to carefully assess both available space as well as your dishwashing needs before selecting a size.
  2. Features of Portable Dishwashers on Wheels: Portable dishwashers on wheels feature various features that contribute to their performance, convenience, and efficiency. Some of the key ones are:
  • Wash Cycles: Portable dishwashers on wheels typically offer at least three wash cycles: normal, heavy and light. Some models even feature additional cycles like speed, eco, glass or baby-care for optimal dishwashing experience. It is important to select a model with wash cycles that match up with your personal dishwashing preferences and habits.
  • Place Settings: When considering which dishwasher to purchase, one way of measuring its capacity is through place settings. Typically a place setting contains dinner and salad plates, bowls, cups saucers with lids for saucers knives forks and spoons – these items make up one setting in most portable models 18 inch portable dishwashers have 6-8 place setting capacities while 24inch models offer 10 place settings or more depending on size – you should pick a model suited to meet the daily or weekly dish loads that need washing!
  • Tub Material: The tub material affects durability, noise level and energy efficiency in a dishwasher. Most portable models on wheels utilize either plastic or stainless-steel tubs; plastic tubs tend to be cheaper and lighter but more susceptible to cracking, staining and holding onto odors while stainless steel tubes tend to be more costly but more resistant to damage, easier to clean, and retain heat better than their plastic counterparts.
  • Hose Storage: When choosing a portable dishwasher on wheels, one of its major drawbacks is dealing with its hoses and power cord when not in use. Some models feature retractable self-storing hoses that can be hidden within their cabinet while other have manual wrap-around ones that need to be coilled around pegs in back for storage purposes. You should opt for models with an easy and effective hose management system.

What are some of the best portable dishwashers on wheels?

Based on our research and reviews, here are some of the top portable dishwashers on wheels available to buy in 2023:

  • GE GPT145SSLSS and GPT225SSLSS: These 18-inch and 24-inch versions of the same model feature retractable, self-storing hoses, six wash cycles, eight place settings, a stainless steel tub and are easily affordable, reliable, and user friendly – available both at Home Depot and Lowe’s.
  • Black+Decker BCD6W and BCD8W: These 18-inch and 24-inch versions of the same model feature manual wraparound hoses with eight wash cycles and eight place settings as well as a stainless-steel tub. Both units are sleek, quiet and efficient and available from Amazon or Walmart.
  • COMFEE’ CDP6W and CDP8W: These 18-inch and 24-inch versions of the same model feature retractable, self-storing hoses with eight wash cycles and six place settings each for energy savings in compact packages that weigh under 15 lbs each – you can find them both on Amazon or Wayfair.


A portable dishwasher on wheels can be an efficient and affordable solution for small spaces. Not only will it save time, money, and effort by washing dishes efficiently but it will also give more mobility by being easily transportable around your kitchen or taken with when moving homes. Just be careful in selecting one with suitable size, features, quality, compatibility with faucet/outlet requirements etc – by following our guide/recommendations you’re sure to find an appropriate portable solution!

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