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Rap Up: Legal Lingo and Business Know-How


Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop
About the law and business, don’t make it stop
Let’s start with how to name a law
Essential tips for choosing a legal title, no flaw

Next up, let me define a plea agreement
Legal definition and process, no need for discouragement

Have you heard of a ground rules hearing?
Legal definition and purpose, no need for fearing

Now let’s switch gears to payment terms in export import business
A complete guide, don’t settle for less, I must confess

If you’re into science, let’s talk about the beer-lambert law pdf
Understanding the legal principles, it’s not just for the few

Protesters in Tennessee, beware the law against blocking a road
It’s no joke, don’t let it overload

Ontario lease agreements are no joke, find a word document template
Download for free and get it right, no need to over-contemplate

For the artsy folks, check out Three Graces Legal
They’ll set you up proper, no need to be a beggar

Are studded snow tires legal in Illinois?
Know the laws and regulations, don’t be stuck in a chill

And finally, for the tech-savvy, learn about Altium via rules
Essential guidelines for PCB design, no time to lose