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Rock Lee and Azami: A Love Story Between Two Taijutsu Masters


In this article, Rock Lee, created by Masashi Kishimoto for Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, is an animated and manga series character who specializes in Taijutsu; an ancient form of martial arts which relies on physical attacks. Rock Lee belongs to Team Guy with Neji Hyuga, Tenten, and their leader Might Guy; known for their devotion and hard work toward their goal he also harbors a crush on Sakura Haruno who features as one of its main female protagonists in the series.

Azami is an ultra rare blade in Monolith Soft’s video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2, wielding an ether cannon as her weapon and providing incredible powers to her drivers, the playable characters who bond with blades. She can grant incredible strength to these drivers in battle as an attacker using dark element attacks; also being charming and flirtatious she often teases and compliments their drivers during battle.

How did two characters from seemingly disparate worlds meet and form an unlikely romance? This is the story of Rock Lee and Azami; an epic love tale between two taijutsu masters.

rock lee
rock lee

The First Encounter

Rock Lee had set out on an expedition to penetrate an enemy secret base. To accomplish his goal, he must sneak past security systems and past guards while gathering all the needed intelligence. Confident in his abilities and having trained hard to master the Eight Gates technique that unlocks hidden potential and increases strength and speed, Rock donned his signature green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers and bandages which made him appear cool and handsome – an attire which would allow him to make an effective first impression upon entry.

As he approached the base entrance, he noticed a strange device lying on the ground: it looked like a metal sphere with handles and triggers attached. Curious as to its purpose, he picked it up curiously before pressing its trigger – only for it to suddenly flash with bright light while sending shockwaves through his body before blacking out completely.

He awakened in an unfamiliar place; lying in a grassy field under an inviting blue sky. A giant tree stood nearby with an enormous flying creature gliding overhead, as he noticed an attractive young lady standing close by smiling adoringly towards him with long purple hair, red eyes, wearing a black and white outfit and holding the device that had once belonged to him as a weapon.

“Good morning, handsome. Finally awake. My name is Azami and you are my driver?” she inquired.

Rock Lee was taken aback. He didn’t understand what she meant by what she was talking about or where he was, so he quickly stood up and began searching around in order to return back home.

“Who are you, where am I and what does a blade and driver mean?” asked a stranger.

Azami giggled and explained, revealing that they lived in Alrest, where people live on giant creatures called titans, and blades are living weapons with drivers who use their powers in battle. She went on to explain that when he activated his core crystal, it awakened a blade within it – effectively making him its driver.

She told him she was a rare blade with an unforgettable personality and appearance, who specialized in Taijutsu, using her ether cannon to fire dark energy blasts from it. She expressed great delight that they met and said she liked him very much.

Rock Lee was amazed and taken aback by her words. Never before had he heard anything similar; he thought perhaps he was dreaming. Rock also felt an odd connection with her; as though they were meant to be together. Looking at her more closely he realized she was indeed very beautiful and charming causing his heart to skip a beat before blushing deeply at what had just transpired.

“Hi My name is Rock Lee from Hidden Leaf Village. I specialize in Taijutsu and can use the Eight Gates to increase my power. Currently on an assignment to stop an enemy force; can you help me?” asked Rock.

Azami nodded and smiled back. She assured him she would help, wanting to explore his world herself. Together as a team they could use their taijutsu skills to overcome any obstacle and find their way back home together while having plenty of fun along the way. She expressed confidence that they would find their way home while making plenty of memories together along the way.

She grabbed his hand, leading him to a nearby town. She informed him that they needed to find a ship which would allow them to meet other titans and search for clues as to how he could return to his world. Furthermore, they needed friends who could assist them as well as being wary of enemies who may try to harm them.

Rock Lee found himself following her, experiencing an enormous surge of excitement and curiosity as they explored this unknown territory and learned more about each other. Rock felt his chest warming up with anticipation as if this new romance might begin here.

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