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Rockauto Parts: Everything You Need to Know


Rockauto Parts: The second goal of was to make parts cheap. By only doing business online, RockAuto.com doesn’t have to pay for store locations or keep stock that doesn’t move. Today, RockAuto ships millions of customers all over the world thousands of parts from hundreds of manufacturers.

As the newest member of Team Lucas, RockAuto.com will get 74 hours of TV coverage from the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. This league is on CBS, CBS Sports Network, NBCSN, and MAVTV Motorsports Network. Four networks will air 76 hours of Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

“RockAuto.com is a great place for Lucas Oil events. Tom Taylor, vice president of marketing for RockAuto.com, said, “We have parts for everything from the race cars to the tow trucks to the fans’ cars in the parking lot.”

About Rockauto Parts

Rockauto Parts
Rockauto Parts

In 1999, the Taylor family started RockAuto, LLC in Madison, Wisconsin. Their background in engineering and love of old cars. The Taylors founded RockAuto to share auto parts retailer information.

Today, RockAuto ships customers thousands of car parts made by hundreds of different companies. On every continent except Antarctica, including addresses with APO or FPO. RockAuto adds brake pads and shock absorbers every day.

Such as bumpers and mirrors, as well as door handles and carpets for decorating the inside. The major assemblies, like steering gears, CV axles, engine long blocks, and complete transmissions. Rock Auto is a store, not a place where you can get your car fixed. But there are service manuals that customers can use to learn how to fix things.

RockAuto parts
RockAuto parts

When the order is paid for, the low price isn’t the only pleasant surprise. Almost always, a 5% off coupon code can be used on the order.

From time to time, RockAuto’s shipping prices have gotten so high. The company would rather lose some customers than pay to ship auto parts to them. It needs to be changed because its ordering system has wrong information.

For the average customer, it’s not the best situation. But even though the discounts at AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts save you more money, Even with those discounts, the auto parts would still cost more than what RockAuto charges. And let us face it – discounts are not always available.

Other Information For RockAuto

So, let’s say you need to change parts in your car, like a part for the transmission. Perhaps Advance Auto Parts will sell it for $234. But you can get it from RockAuto for almost half the price, plus $20 for shipping. Many customers will almost always use RockAuto as an example. And yes, there will be something similar to what RockAuto has to offer. At places like AutoZone or Summit Racing. But this won’t always happen.

So, wouldn’t it be better to stick with what you know instead of spending hours walking around different auto shops? If you look online at different sites, the information you find might not be reliable in the end.

Let’s say a car part, like a bearing, needs to be changed. It will cost $219 at Advance Auto Parts, where it can be bought. At the same time, it will be sold by RockAuto for $150.

Also, there was an extra $20 charge for shipping the part. Most customers will go straight to RockAuto because it’s the most obvious choice. At the same time, most parts from other brands, like AutoZone or Summit Racing, are priced the same as they are at RockAuto.

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