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Rockauto Parts- Everything You Need To Know About Rockauto Parts



Rockauto Parts: Hi, Guys. Today I am going to shares more exciting information on the topic of Rockauto Parts.

Would you mind going on to the article and keeping enjoyed reading it?

About Rockauto Parts

RockAuto, LLC founds in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1999 by the Taylor family. Their engineering background, passion for old cars. Their desire to release the information hidden behind the auto parts store counter led the Taylors to start RockAuto. 


Today, RockAuto ships have thousands of auto parts from hundreds of manufacturers to customers. On every continent except the Antarctica-including APO or FPO addresses. The RockAuto catalog is updating daily with mechanical parts like Brake Pads and Shock Absorbers, Body Parts.

Such as Bumpers and Mirrors, Interior Decorations like Door Handles and Carpets. The Major assemblies like Steering Gears, CV Axles, Engine Long Blocks, and also complete transmissions. There are no mechanics on staff Rock Auto is a store, not a repair shop. But the service manuals are available to help the customers to learn how to perform a repair.


It has a consumer rating of 1.55 stars from the 648 reviews. They were showing that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers are complaining about RockAuto’s most frequently mention customer service. Wrong parts and return shipping problems. RockAuto ranks 304th among the Auto Parts sites.

RockAuto Parts – How to order Easy and Fast?

Suppose one is the owner of a car in our times. It became apparent long ago that one should benefit from the discounts on auto parts as frequently as possible. And in terms of auto parts, it is almost the well on the market. RockAuto parts were among the cheapest products in the field. We are competing with significant companies like Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone.


Is RockAuto the Best Choice?

Even though some of the most famous online resources. RockAuto does not find itself in the top 10 auto retailers. The company is still seeing as one of the best choices in terms of prices. One can find a lot more RockAuto discount auto parts than one may think after finding what one needs on the RockAuto auto parts catalog list available on the company’s site.

One will have another pleasant surprise when paying for the order besides the low price. One can almost always use a 5% discount code for the order.

Now and then, shipping prices from RockAuto have become so great. The brand desires to lose some of its clients than covering for shipping on auto parts. It requires to be exchanged for wrong information in its ordering system.

It is not the best situation for the average customer. However, even though AutoZone discounts and Advance Auto Parts discounts provide more significant savings. The auto parts are still more expensive without those discounts than what RockAuto gives. And let us face it – discounts are not always available.


So, let us assume one needs to change auto parts at the vehicle one owns, like a transmission part. Maybe Advance Auto Parts will offer it for the price of $234. But from RockAuto, one can get it at almost half a price and with an extra price of $20 for shipping. Lots of clients will practically choose RockAuto as an example.

And yes, one will indeed be able to find a match for what RockAuto can offer. At the brands like Summit Racing or AutoZone. But this won’t happen every day.

So, is not it better to stick with what one is used to than walk for hours at different auto stores? Search online at various websites, and it may not be reliable in the end?

Let us say one has to change a part for the car, such as a bearing. One will be able to find it at Advance Auto Parts for the price of $219. At the same time, RockAuto will offer it for the price of $150.


Along with an additional price of $20 for shipping the part. Most of the customers will immediately turn to RockAuto for the apparent reason. At the same time, one can indeed find a RockAuto price match for most parts at other brands, like AutoZone or Summit Racing.

These are still rare occasions, and it is better to stick. What one know than losing countless hours searching online. It was comparing deals from the different Auto Retailers.

Suppose one is pretty interested in saving some money. No matter how much – there is a trick. Visiting the RockAuto parts catalog and use icons labels “Trucks” or use the “Choose for me to Minimize the Cost” feature.

This way, one will be able to find parts that can be shipped together. It means that they will be sent from one single warehouse. They will avoid the extra shipping costs.


Order RockAuto Parts Easy and Fast

Suppose one wants to order auto parts from RockAuto. Return a part or cancel the order, visit the Order Status, and Returns the page.

If one wants to order by Mail, enter the order online. Then choose “Check or Money Order” for the payment. Then write the order number onto the check.

The auto parts are stores in more than one location. The orders are generally ships that are the regular carrier. Customers are not able to pick up the parts on their own.

Suppose the customers need to return a part. They should turn to the Order Status and Returns page for the availability of guidelines. Their returns won’t go back to the same warehouse. From which they have ordered.


Ordering the RockAuto Honda’s parts or other brands

The process of orders auto parts from RockAuto is pretty straightforward. Let us say one is interested in ordering some Honda parts. Nothing easier. One should visit this page, go to the year of the Honda car.

Choose the model, and then follows the category of parts one needs, depending on the available parts in the RockAuto auto parts catalog. One will have a new page displays with a list of available parts listing by price from low to high.

Note: Remember that the same process applies no matter the model of the car.

The Return of RockAuto Parts

Let us say one orders some parts from Rock Auto. But something is wrong with the order, and one wants to return them. The first thing one should visit the Order Status and Returns page. Check the status of the order and request a change or return the items.


To get starts with the process, one first needs the email or phone number. The order number in the appropriate fields, and hit the Find Order button. In addition, if one doesn’t know the order number, use the Order database section.

Until deciding to return the auto parts, one can always choose to report the problem with the order or shipment if one needs additional help. One can turn to the above page to get any return instructions one may need. I am finding any return tracking or shipping label information.

RockAuto Parts Review: They don’t always reflect the reality

On Google’s page review, RockAuto has a rating of 4.2 from 1.789 reviews. Like one can notice, the great thing is that 4 out of the five reviews are positive:

Albert Stricker – 2 weeks ago.

“I love this outfit. The prices are excellent, and I always get my orders super fast. I have ordered several times. The only time I got the wrong part is when I foolishly order the wrong part. Customer service always has Courteous and Professional. Hopefully, they are around for years to come.


I read some of the negative reviews. Competitors must fabricate them because Rock Auto has fantastic in my experience. I say allow them to save one on Money and Headaches. Thank you to the whole staff at Rock Auto. I wish you could give me one ten stars. Keep up the excellent deed.

Fred Franke – in the last week.

I don’t know anybody at RockAuto personally, but whoever works there does the job right. I am glad that I find them to keep my classics in good shape. These have the Best Prices, Fast Shipping, and Correct Shipping Prices. A 5-Star company keeps on like this, and one will stay alive for many years to come.”

David Horn – in the last week!

“Great prices. I love The Rock. I see the terrible reviews from dumb people. One has to order the correct part to get the right part. Don’t go by the pics. Lots of Love; I have never had any trouble getting the right parts. Five stars all the way.

The company has a 2.56 out of 10 ratings from 2.983 reviews on’s review page at this point. From these reviews, almost close to none of the reviews have been posted on that page.


It is relating to the prices, the company’s providing or the RockAuho discount codes. Releases every month on online forums. That should mean something.

The Additional Details

Does the car need new parts? One probably knows this already, but auto parts for cars are not new. Also, they are not easy to find these days, and the prices are not so low as one may have thought.

Moreover, there is a way to avoids this if one chooses to buy from the RockAuto catalog because one won’t find the lower prices in any other place. Regardless of the model of the car, it’s engine size. It’s the year, and one will be most definitely find the parts that one needs there.

The prices that one will see a listing there are usually for individual parts. However, they generally sell the packages of “X” products; for example, a spark plug will cost only $1.18 if purchases individually. But one will save some money if one purchases it in packs of 4 because one will have to purchase from the price of $0.99 for each one of them.


The company is generally selling over 1 million different parts. As one may have imagined, a single warehouse cannot store them all together. So it has several, not just a single one. Suppose one wants to save money when purchasing from RockAuto. Choose to buy the parts from a single warehouse if possible.

By choosing this choice, one will avoid all those shipping costs. That goes to the carriers that are not so cheap. The truck icons from the company’s catalog show that those particular parts can ship together. With the other parts, one already selects.

When buying R and R parts from RockAuto, the process go like this:

  • One buys an R and R part.
  • RockAuto receives the payment.
  • The company will then send one of the requires guidelines in the Inbox.
  • In the email, one will find information on where one should send the old part.
  • One will need to pay the carrier, UPS, FedEx, to send the part to the Manufacturer.
  • The shipping expenses for sending the part back to one are adds to the total of the order.
  • Core expenses do not apply to R and R pats. If by any chance a core fee is applied to the order. One will get a refund along with the R and R guidelines.
  • If an old part cannot be remanufactured, one will get the part back. The rebuild cost refund’s exceptions are made for testing. Handling fees that the actual Manufacturer has charged.

Suppose one is a loyal customer. One probably already knows that RockAuto does not provide discounts. The special deals for larger orders or businesses. However, one can still take advantage of the discount program.

Provided by the company for loyal or repeat customers. After each auto part is bought from the RockAuto, one will be able to get a 5% promotional code to your Inbox in 30 days.

The Thoughts

I did not buy RockAuto parts for a long time from this company. But now that I see how great it is to pay the low prices. Still, be satisfies with what one gets. I would say that the days when buying parts from other Auto Retailers are gone.


So one tell me, Are the RockAuto discounts and the low prices offered by this company worth the trouble? I think yes, would not one agree?

So, it is essential information on the topic of Rockauto Parts.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please comment on the viewpoints.

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