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Ron DeSantis President: Florida Enters New Red-State Era With Sweeping DeSantis Win


With sweeping Republican Ron DeSantis president win of the Florida governor’s race, the state entered a new red-state era. In a state whose demographics are dominated by black people, this is a major shift from past generations. And the win is likely to be just the beginning of Florida’s history as a red state.

The new governor, who has promised to roll back many of the policies of his predecessor, is a major political and cultural force in the Sunshine State.

Ron DeSantis president:Democrat Rick Scott beat former Gov. Charlie Crist by roughly 1 percent in 2014

 Ron DeSantis President
Ron DeSantis President

The gubernatorial race between incumbent governor Rick Scott and former governor Charlie Crist is the most expensive in the country, with outside interest groups expected to spend over $150 million. And that’s not even counting the $12.8 million the former Governor spent on his own campaign.

For a while, Crist and Scott were neck-and-neck in terms of money and votes. However, both sides have spent millions on television ads. In the final days of the election, big names in the Republican party showed up.

As a result, Crist and Scott fought a bitter campaign. They traded accusations and insults, but the winner ultimately prevailed.

As a political newcomer in 2010, Scott became one of the most prominent figures in Florida politics. In fact, he was one of the youngest gubernatorial candidates in the nation. He drew in support from President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, as well as Republican stalwarts.

Ron DeSantis president : Trump’s jab against D0eSantis served as a warning against challenging him in 2024

One of the biggest political rivals for President Donald Trump in 2024 is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis’s popularity has been growing among conservatives, especially those who want an alternative to Trump.

The governor is a rising star who has outdone gubernatorial race fundraising records. He has raised over $200 million for reelection. Much of the money came from Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan. In December, national polls showed him ahead of Trump with Republican primary voters.

But the former president has criticized DeSantis, and the governor is under investigation by the Treasury Department. As part of the investigation, the Treasury Department is examining whether DeSantis has misused federal funds.

Although DeSantis’s campaign has not been formally announced, there are indications that he is actively considering a run for the White House in 2024.

That could put the Florida governor in a dangerous position, and he must remain in good standing with Trump if he is to have a successful presidential bid.

Hurricane DeSantis shattered half of Florida’s black-dominated congressional districts

Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, has been trying to limit Black political power in the state. Earlier this month, he proposed a congressional voting map that would wipe out half of the state’s Black-dominated districts.

This is the first time a Florida governor has attempted to redraw district lines. But political analysts say the move could have national consequences.

The DeSantis proposal, while diluting Black voting power, would give Republicans an eight-seat advantage in Congress. That’s better than the 16-seat lead they enjoyed when lawmakers redrawn congressional lines in 2010. However, the plan would slash Black representation in the state’s largest swing state.

DeSantis’ plan dismantles one of the state’s largest Black districts, Al Lawson’s congressional seat, which includes Black voters in Jacksonville and Tallahassee. He would also reduce Black representation in Orlando, where Val Demings’ district has a large Black population.

Republicans eclipsed Democrats in number of registered voters for the first time in U.S. history

The Republican Party eclipsing the Democratic party in terms of voter registrations has become a reality in recent years. The party has gained almost 1 million registered voters since the last time Republicans lost a general election. However, that’s not a surefire path to victory.

A number of factors are at play. First, a recent Supreme Court ruling on the “Roe v. Wade” abortion case could energize suburban voters. Second, GOP candidates have won more races in state and county elections than Democratic candidates over the past two decades. Third, President Donald Trump has been an unpopular president outside his core Republican base.

There’s no guarantee that the party will win back seven seats in the U.S. Senate or hold the majority in the House of Representatives in the next Congress. But there’s no question that Democrats are gaining ground on the GOP in the states that count.

Hurricane DeSantis raised more money than any candidate for governor in U.S. history

The recent election cycle in Florida has set a new fundraising record. Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis raised more money than any other candidate in history. He has a campaign war chest of $102 million. Almost all of that money was contributed from the candidate’s own money.

However, the candidate has also received millions from a number of wealthy donors. Trump’s biggest financiers, including Ken Griffin, Elizabeth Uihlein, William Buckley, and hedge fund Paul Tudor Jones have all contributed to the DeSantis campaign.

A new poll has found that DeSantis has a three-point lead over rival Christ. This makes him one of the most likely candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. It’s likely the campaign will continue to air TV ads, and the governor’s committee has already spent more than $100 million.

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