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SHINee and Their Fans Celebrate Jonghyun’s Birthday


On April 8, 2019, it would have been the 33rd birthday of Jonghyun, a member of the K-pop group SHINee who tragically passed away in 2017. Despite their loss in 2017, members of SHINee took to social media to celebrate their dear friend and bandmate on this momentous day.


SHINee took to their official social media accounts to show their love and remember Jonghyun on his birthday. They posted a tweet with a photo of Jonghyun along with the date.

Fans of SHINee, known as Shawols, took to social media to commemorate Jonghyun and celebrate his birthday. The hashtag #HAPPY_JJONG_DAY trended on Twitter as fans expressed their affection and admiration for the talented singer-songwriter.

Jonghyun was a beloved member of SHINee, renowned for his exceptional vocal range and songwriting prowess. He debuted with SHINee in 2008 and released several successful solo albums before succumbing to cancer in 2017; leaving behind behind behind both an accomplished artist and a kind-hearted individual.

No matter the pain of Jonghyun’s absence, SHINee members have kept his memory and legacy alive through their music and performances. On his birthday every year since SHINee and Shawols joined together to commemorate Jonghyun’s life and pay homage to his memory.

Happy birthday, Jonghyun You will always be remembered and deeply missed on this special day.

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