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Steve Wallis Wife: What Happened To His Wife


Steve Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber best known for his channel “Camping with Steve.” Here he documents his camping experiences from setting up camp to getting the fire started, cooking his meal, sleeping well through the night and breaking down camp at daybreak before heading out again the next morning. His videos are widely appreciated for their authenticity and simplicity – with Steve enjoying a beer after setting up camp as part of “step two” of his process!

As of July 2020, Steve began posting weekly videos lasting 15 to 25 minutes each Thursday showcasing his love for nature as an escape from urban living. These entertaining yet educational videos showcase Steve’s camping hobby while simultaneously entertaining his viewers.

Steve Wallis’ Wife Died Tragically

Steve Wallis Wife
Steve Wallis Wife

Steve Wallis posted an emotional video in late August 2022 to share the devastating news of Jessica Audrey Wallis’ passing while sleeping, leaving Steve, his family, and his community reeling with heartache.

Steve spoke fondly of his wife as the source of light in his life, breaking the sad news with tears streaming down his cheeks – as he revealed they went to bed together Saturday night but only one woke up on Sunday morning – alone. Twitter quickly responded by flooding Steve and his family with condolences urging them not to give up despite such a tragic loss.

Steve did not divulge the reason behind his wife’s passing, though it appears likely that she may have struggled with health issues or passed suddenly and unexpectedly.

Julie Needs Your Support Now

Steve Wallis encouraged people in honor of his wife Jessica to make donations to food banks and homeless shelters, noting that these causes were dear to her heart – she would travel around delivering packages containing water bottles, socks and deodorant to those in need.

Steve Wallis announced on social media that he will take an undetermined period off from social media in order to grieve his wife Jessica’s passing, thanking his followers for their condolences, but taking some time reading and responding. Such overwhelming support shows how influential Steve and Jessica had on people.

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