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Stunna Girl Arrested For Kidnapping: Why Did Stunna Girl Go To Jail? | Who Was Locked In A Cage By Stunna Girl?


Stunna Girl, a Sacramento-based rapper and social media influencer, recently made headlines after she was arrested for kidnapping. Her meteoric rise began with TikTok hit “Runway,” then releases such as her 2019 album YKWTFGO and singles like Real Rap, On the Record and Let It Drip; these eventually led her into Capitol Music Group contracts worth an astounding $1 Million! As a single mother she holds an estimated net worth of $250,000 while contracts with Capitol Music Group cost an impressive $1 Million!

Stunna Girl has an extensive criminal past

Stunna Girl was recently sentenced to prison due to her fraudulent activities and money laundering schemes, prompting an investigation by police after reports of financial losses caused by her scams. For several months she ran an elaborate fraud scheme until it ultimately backfired on her and charges of theft, fraud, and money laundering were filed against her by a judge presiding over her case.

Did the Shocking Girl Lock Someone Up in a Cage?

Rumors swirl that Stunna Girl may have played a part in the kidnapping of rapper Rocky Badd. According to reports, Badd was assaulted, stripped of her chain and held captive in a dog cage by associates of Stunna Girl and Dallas rapper Cuban Doll; Cuban had initially claimed she signed a million-dollar contract with Capitol Music Group but left after an altercation between Cuban Doll and Badd; Stunna Girl then beat Cuban Doll before beating Cuban Doll before taking Badd’s chain and including it in her social media story before beating Cuban Doll herself before beating Cuban Doll herself before taking Badd’s chain for herself before including it in her social media story before including it as part of her social media story.


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Stunna Girl and Cuban Doll were close, yet both denied any involvement in placing Badd into a cage. Rocky suspected Cuban Doll of doing this, while most people suspected Stunna Girl.

Stunna Girl Highlights Her Career

Stunna Girl has made waves on the rap scene despite legal troubles, with her debut album being met with overwhelming positive responses by both fans and critics alike upon its release in 2020.

Recently she was honored when featured on the cover of “Muze” magazine in November 2020; yet there remain obstacles on her path; alcohol may be used as an unhealthy means to manage stressors such as performance anxiety.


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