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Texas Homecoming Mums: A Unique and Colorful Tradition


Homecoming is an exciting event for high school students across the United States. It allows them to celebrate school spirit, reconnect with old classmates, and engage in activities like football games, parades, dances, and pep rallies – with Texas adding its own distinctive touch through homecoming mums!

What are Homecoming Mums?

Texas Homecoming Mums
Texas Homecoming Mums

Homecoming mums are large assemblages of ribbons, bells, charms and buttons sewn together and designed to be worn pinned onto women’s dresses or, if it becomes too large, around their necks. Their male equivalent is called a garter; a smaller version designed specifically to fit around men’s arms.

Mums and garters are typically exchanged as tokens of affection or friendship between dates or friends as a sign of appreciation or solidarity. Customized designs often reflect each wearer’s individual interests, hobbies, and school colors – incorporating features like these into mums and garters:

  • Plastic or silk flowers, usually chrysanthemums, should be the centerpiece of an arrangement. Any color can be chosen; seniors often favor wearing white mums while underclassmen wear their school colors.
  • Ribbons in various lengths and colors drape from the flower petals, hung from different lengths of ribbon. They may feature personalization such as names, school year initials or any other messages printed upon them; alternatively they could feature braids, loops or twists to add texture and style.
  • Trinkets, charms, and bells attached to ribbons or flowers. This could include anything from stuffed animals and sports equipment to musical instruments and letters/numbers/stars/hearts that represent hobbies/activities/preferences of wearer. Some mums may even include lights/boas/cowbells for added eye-catchingness/noisiness!

How did homecoming mums become a Texas tradition?

Homecoming mums’ roots can be traced back to the first-ever homecoming football game hosted by the University of Missouri in 1911, when men would give real chrysanthemum corsages as corsages to wear at both game and dance events; men chose this flower because it matched both season and school colors of gold and black perfectly.

Texas was among the states where this tradition first emerged in 1936 at Baylor University. Over time, however, Texas has taken it one step further by creating more elaborate mums each year. Potential reasons include:

– The influence of state culture of extravagance, individualism, and pride.

– Access to artificial flowers and materials enabled greater creativity and durability.

Competition and peer pressure among students to own the most eye-catching mums and garters is fierce.

At Texas homecomings today, homecoming mums are an essential component. Worn only during football games and never to dances, these keepsake mums become keepsakes or souvenirs afterward and serve as income and community sources for many mum-makers who sell their creations online or through local shops.

Why are homecoming mums so popular and beloved in Texas?

Homecoming mums have long been beloved symbols of identity and expression for many Texans, marking a sense of expression, belonging and expression for many individuals across Texas. Reasons behind their popularity and love in Texas may include:

“Mums and garters can be an expressive way of showing one’s individuality, achievements, passions and achievements through colors, words and trinkets displayed on them. Additionally, they serve as a tribute to schools, teams and traditions by wearing school colors or mascots on them”.
– Homecoming festivities provide an opportunity to honor relationships and friendships by exchanging mums or garters as tokens of appreciation or gifts, or wearing something festive during homecoming festivities. They’re also great fun if worn during homecoming festivities as a means of having fun!

Homecoming mums are an exciting and vibrant tradition cherished by generations of Texans. Representing our state’s history, culture and spirit they bring great pleasure and pride to high school students alike and serve as a reminder that homecoming is more than a dance or game – it’s a chance to reflect our roots, memories and community!

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