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The Shocking Truth Behind ‘Supermanning


In the world of extreme sports and internet challenges, “Supermanning” has taken hold as an ever-increasing trend that can pose substantial risks while remaining relatively anonymous on social media platforms such as YouTube. What began as seemingly harmless stunt has evolved into something far more risky; often protected behind an aura of viral fame and adrenaline-fuelled bravado.

what is supermanning
what is supermanning

The Origins of Supermanning

“Supermanning” involves mimicking the iconic flying pose of superhero Superman while performing daring feats such as jumping off a high platform or being propelled through the air. This stunt gained widespread acclaim on social media platforms where videos of it began circulating widely and inspired others to attempt their own versions.

The Risks Involved

Contrary to its playful name, Supermanning can be far from harmless fun. The act requires precise timing and body control while often disregarding personal safety concerns – injuring many during miscalculated jumps or falls that eschew professional rules – making what should have been an exhilarating moment become painful and costly ordeals.

A Closer Look at the Consequences

Emergency rooms have seen an upsurge in patients admitted due to reckless Supermanning stunts gone awry, alarming orthopedists and trauma specialists about long-term damage that may result from such actions, including spinal injuries, concussions and broken bones.


It should come as no surprise that ‘Supermanning’ is more than an innocent internet challenge; it can have long-term repercussions that must be considered when considering its risks. As this trend becomes more mainstream, individuals must carefully weigh its rewards against its long-term costs before engaging.

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