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The Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars Ever!


Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Have you ever wondered why some celebrities are dammed rich flaunting their money on nice houses, cars, and the like? The answer is quite simple. Most celebrities especially in sports and entertainment serve people by providing creativity that we can relate with. Well, you could say they have favorable industries, maybe. But, the truth of the matter is, those guys are stinkingly rich. Carngo offers car rental in Denver. Without further ado, quickly take a look at the top 10 most expensive celebrity cars.

1. Ralph Lauren $40M Bugatti

Are you wondering who Mr. Ralph is? Ralph Lauren is 82 years old and owns The Ralph Lauren Corporation. Ralph has a habit of collecting rare cars. This man has rare collections of cars that are worth displaying in museum exhibitions. Are you thinking of rocking a party with your friends? Why not contact Carngo for under 21 car rental Denver for your 57SC Atlantic Bugatti. Carngo rental fees are reasonable. Hence there is no cause for alarm.

2. Jay Leno $22M McLaren F1

Still talking about the best celebrity cars, Jay Leno, the 72 years American comedian & television host owns the second. Jay Leno’s sports car although delivered far back as 1990 is a fast racing car. Are you in need of a racing car? Reach out to Carngo car rental Denver, we got you covered. Get your needed ride at the cheapest price.

3. Ronaldo Cristiano $18M Bugatti

This Manchester United football player is the only one who owns his La Voiture Noire Bugatti as of today. This Bugatti is well-designed carbon fiber body and high-powered engine. Seeing this is a one-off Bugatti, it is not available in Carngo Denver can rental listings. However, for car rental Denver, there are similar Bugattis you can choose from.

4. Jay Z $8M Sport Car

This is one of the distinctive celebrity cars. I am sure you all know Jay Z, the well-known American rapper with a $1.3 billion net worth. Imagine Jay Z cruising occasions and riding the common Veyron Bugatti. It doesn’t suit his worth right? Exactly the reason he brought this Maybach Exelero sports car. You do not have to buy the most expensive car if your net worth is not up to that. Pick your phone and go to Carngo and click car rental Denver.

5. Floyd Mayweather $4.8M Trevita

I think you will agree with me that an American professional boxer with all his body build won’t just fit into any car. Are you trying to impress that lovely girl you have been eyeing? Why not go to car rental Denver on the Carngo website to select your Trevita? I am sure she will like it.

6. 50 Cent $3.2M Bugatti Chiron

This is another celebrity car owned by another American rapper well known as 50 cents. It is the 6th most expensive celebrity car and it’s one of the fastest race supercars. There is nothing as beautiful as having some collections of nice cars in your garage. Nevertheless, you can rent expensive celebrity cars from Carngo Denver car rental.

7. The Rock $2.4M Pagani Huayra

Here is another Italian automobile manufactured by Pagani the same company that made Zonda Cars. It’s made from stronger materials than carbon fiber and this gives it a sturdy appearance. Its engine has above 700 horsepower. Looking at the interiors, it is simply mind-blowing containing different interiors and crafted designs.

8. Tom Brady $2M Bugatti Veyron

Tom Brady is also one of the top 10 celebrities that own one of the most expensive celebrity cars. If there is one thing this spec of Bugatti is known for, it’s speed. Life can be beautiful when you are troubled about anything and you get into your top-speed car to drive away the stress. You can get different top-speed cars from Carngo car rental Denver. However, choose a less busy road & try to adhere to the driving speed limit.

9. Lil Uzi $2M Grand Sport Bugatti

I wonder why it’s mostly American rappers that own top celebrity cars ever. Lil Uzi is an American rapper that owns this $2M Bugatti. Lil Uzi sees his grand sport Bugatti as his baby. According to the news, he bought himself this car to celebrate his birthday. Thinking of pampering yourself on your birthday, rent a sleek Bugatti from Carngo car rental Denver.

10. Samuel Eto’o $1.87M Aston Martin 1

Last, but not least is this $1.87 million Aston Martin 1. An individual once mentioned that this car is an insane one. Yes, this automobile is insanely beautiful with a sleek appearance and an engine that produces 750 horsepower not to talk of its high speed. Now you know why I said this is an insanely beautiful car.


Looking at the best celebrity cars mentioned above, you could see they are all million-dollar cars. Nevertheless, you can purchase thousands of dollars cars that are still highly rated & beautiful. These celebrities need this car to increase the prestige and honor they get from their fans. Individuals making a great impact in other sectors of the economy might not necessarily need these cars.

What am I trying to say, beyond looks, there are factors to be considered before buying a car. If you need celebrity cars for special functions, you can always rent them at an affordable price.