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The Ultimate Guide to Growing and Trimming a Pencil Moustache


A pencil moustache is a thin strip of facial hair that runs along the upper lip, usually just above it. This timeless classic and elegant style can flatter many different face shapes and personal preferences; however, proper care must be taken in order for it to look sharp and neat. In this article we’ll provide tips and tricks on how to grow and trim a pencil moustache along with celebrity examples who have rocked it successfully.pull laine yak France sweat laine merinos France pull en laine uniqlo France conversecuir France mules arizona en nubuck kaki birkenstock France pull laine italien France conversecuir France pull en laine de marque France vente birkenstock carrefour France pull en laine de marque France pull laine yak France pull laine yak France pull laine mousseuse France chaussure de marche homme a scratch France birkenstock semelle etroite France

pencil mustache
pencil mustache

How to Grow a Pencil Moustache

Step one of growing a pencil moustache involves allowing facial hair to grow for several weeks until you have enough length and thickness to work with. From there, use beard trimmers or scissors to keep all beard and moustache locks at an equal length, or completely shave off as desired for a clean-shaven appearance.

Once your pencil moustache has reached maturity, you can begin its shaping. A fine-toothed comb, small scissors, razor or electric shaver and several other tools may be required for successful shaping; here are the steps:

  • Comb your moustache hair downwards and trim any stray hairs that extend past your lip line. With scissors in hand, carefully follow its natural shape while using the comb as a guide for an even and straight cut.
  • Use a razor or shaver to use any unwanted hair above and below the pencil line, creating an obvious contrast between your skin and moustache. Shave off corners for an angular and defined look.
  • Repeat the process on the other side, taking care to match its length and shape with that of the original side.

How to Trim a Pencil Moustache

To keep your pencil moustache looking neat and tidy, regular trimming is necessary – at least once weekly. You can either use the same tools and techniques described above, or invest in a specific moustache trimmer with narrow blade and precise guard. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Comb your moustache hair downward and trim any length that extends beyond your lip line or pencil line.
  • Use a trimmer or scissors to shape the edges of your moustache according to the curve of your upper lip, and modify its width and angle as per your preference.
  • Use a razor or shaver to eliminate any hair that falls above and below the pencil line, maintaining an aesthetic that is both smooth and unblemished.
  • Use moustache wax or gel on your moustache, and style it using either fingers or a comb. Keep the ends straight or cur them slightly for a classic, vintage look.

Examples of Pencil Moustaches

A pencil moustache can be an attractive and fashionable addition to many men’s looks, providing it fits their face shape, personality, and lifestyle. Here are some examples of notable men who have chosen this option as part of their signature or temporary looks:

  • Clark Gable: was one of the greatest Hollywood legends, famed for his charming and debonair persona enhanced by his pencil moustache with its slight curl at its ends, giving him an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  • John Waters: is known for his eccentric and provocative style, including a signature pencil-thin moustache which he draws on himself with an eyeliner pencil to achieve its iconic exaggerated look that perfectly matches his eccentric yet irreverent persona.
  • Prince: was renowned for his extravagant and creative fashion choices, often sporting a pencil moustache and sporting various hairstyles and outfits to go with it: curly locks and ruffled shirts were worn together with sleek suits and sunglasses to complete his signature look.
  • David Beckham: As both a soccer star and fashion icon, Beckham has experimented with various facial hair styles such as pencil moustaches. Pairing this look with his buzz cut and stubble resulted in an unconventional yet modern appearance that contrasted well with his clean-cut image.

A pencil moustache is an effective way to show your individuality and style, provided it is taken care of properly. Through patience, practice, and creativity you can develop one that complements your face shape perfectly.

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