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The victims of the Los Angeles mass shooting: Who they were and how they died


On Saturday, January 28, 2023, a gunman opened fire in Beverly Crest community north of Downtown Los Angeles, killing three and injuring four. This shooting marked California’s fourth mass shooting within one week; prior attacks occurred in Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay and Oakland; its motive is yet unknown and investigation ongoing; here are stories about those affected in both cases; those killed by this Los Angeles attack as well as four victims still fighting for survival in hospitals.

los angeles shooting
los angeles shooting

Daniel Lee, 34

Daniel Lee was 34-year-old software engineer who worked for a tech company in Los Angeles. On the day of the shooting, Lee and Jason Chen were visiting each other when an unknown gunman opened fire from nearby.

Lee was struck in his chest and died instantly at the scene while Chen suffered minor arm wounds but managed to flee with them and call for assistance. Lee is remembered fondly by family as kind, smart and generous person who enjoyed video gaming as well as hiking activities; he leaves behind parents, sister and his partner as survivors.

Jessica Wong, 28

Jessica Wong was a nurse employed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who was attending a birthday party at her friend’s house nearby when the shooting occurred. Kelly Lin and Wong decided to step outside for some fresh air when they heard gunshots. While running back into their house, Wong was shot in the back and collapsed onto her porch.

Lin attempted CPR but it was too late – she was declared deceased at the scene. Wong’s family recalled her as being caring, compassionate, and hardworking; dedicating her life to helping others. Recently graduated from nursing school she planned on pursuing a master’s degree. Wong is survived by both of her parents as well as by both of her brothers and fiancee.

Michael Johnson, 31

Michael Johnson was a construction worker living in the neighborhood where the shooting took place. On his way home from work when he saw a gunman shooting people on the street. Johnson tried to intervene and stop him, but was shot in the head and died instantly.

According to Johnson’s family he was known for standing up for what he believed in while also enjoying music as part of a band and playing guitar in a group – leaving behind his wife, two children, parents, siblings.

The injured victims

Four victims injured in the shooting remain critical at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center: they include:

  • Jason Chen, 33, a graphic designer and friend of Daniel Lee was shot in the arm but should recover quickly.
  • Kelly Lin, 27, an elementary teacher who knows Jessica Wong well was struck by a bullet to her leg but will undergo surgery for it shortly.
  • David Kim, 29, an attorney and resident of the street where the shooting occurred was shot in the chest and remains in a coma.
  • Maria Garcia, 26 a waitress caught in crossfire was struck in the abdomen but remains stable in condition.

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