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Toby Keith passed away: The Truth About His Health and Rumors of His Death


Toby Keith passed away

Toby Keith is an award-winning country music singer-songwriter-actor-record producer known for releasing numerous hit songs such as “Red Solo Cup”, “I Love This Bar”, and “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”. Additionally, Toby Keith has won various accolades and honors for both his musical artistry and charitable activities.

Recently, Toby Keith has been the subject of various rumors and hoaxes regarding his health and death. Some media outlets and social media pages have claimed he has passed away or is imminently dying – is there any truth to these claims? Here is what we know:

Toby Keith is alive and fighting stomach cancer

Toby Keith passed away

Contrary to some reports, Toby Keith is alive and leading a healthy life; however, he recently made public announcement about his health status, detailing that he is currently fighting stomach cancer1.

Toby Keith revealed that he had been experiencing some stomach issues for some time before seeking medical advice. To his shock and horror, it was confirmed that Toby had stomach cancer – an uncommon yet aggressive type. Regardless, Toby is determined to fight this illness and hopes a full recovery will soon follow.


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He thanked his fans for their prayers and support while asking that they respect his privacy during this trying time. He pledged to keep them updated on his progress, hoping to return to the stage as soon as possible.

Toby Keith was a victim of a death hoax

Toby Keith passed away

Toby Keith became the subject of an elaborate death hoax when someone attempted to claim that he had died.

After Toby Keith announced his health issues, there were false reports and hoaxes regarding his death. Some websites and social media pages claimed he had passed away or would soon, even creating fake obituaries and tributes in his honor.

One of the most widely shared hoaxes was a Facebook page called “R.I.P Toby Keith”, which received nearly one million likes and posted a message announcing Toby Keith had died with this statement:

At approximately 11 a.m. ET on Friday (June 10, 2022), our beloved singer Toby Keith passed away, having been born on July 8, 1961 in Clinton. Toby will be greatly missed but not forgotten – please express your sympathy by commenting or liking this page to show your respect.

Toby Keith passed away

The message was completely misleading and had no source or evidence to back it up; additionally, its date made it more suspect.

Many fans were taken aback when news of Toby Keith’s unofficial death circulated through social media without being confirmed by Toby Keith himself or any credible media outlet, leading many of them to question whether this information had come directly from Toby or was even supported by him officially.

Toby Keith passed away

Hoax was eventually exposed as an elaborate hoax by some internet trolls who wanted to cause chaos and gain attention, prompting Facebook page deletion shortly thereafter.

 Toby Keith remains actively creating music and performing

Toby Keith passed away

Toby Keith remains committed to music and his fans despite health challenges and death rumors; not letting illness stop him from following his dream and fulfilling his passion and career goals.

Recently he released an album entitled “Peso in My Pocket”, inspired by his travels through Mexico. Additionally he collaborated with artists such as Brantley Gilbert, Hardy, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard’s son Ben Haggard to record this record.

Toby Keith passed away

After taking time away to deal with COVID-19 pandemic issues, he resumed touring. He performed at multiple locations around the United States – including Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.


Q: Is Toby Keith dead?

A: No, Toby Keith is alive and fighting stomach cancer.

Q: Does Toby Keith have cancer?

A: Toby Keith has stomach cancer, which is an aggressive and rare type that attacks the inner lining of his stomach.

Q: How old is Toby Keith?

A: Toby Keith was born July 8, 1961 in Clinton, Oklahoma.

Q: Which songs by Toby Keith have become some of his most well-known?

A: Some of Toby Keith’s most well-known songs include, among others: Red Solo Cup”, I Love This Bar”, Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, Courtesy of Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)”, Beer for My Horses”, As Good as I Once Was”, and How Do You Like Me Now?”..

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