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What Does Truly Young Mean? All about her mom and dad


Truly Young is the daughter and ex-wife of Dr. Dre, a music mogul. Both met while they were both at Howard University. Her mother is a former model, and her father is an award-winning recording musician. She grew up listening and rapping with her father. She began performing live and writing songs at age 16. In 2013, she released “Life In The Ghetto”, her first mixtape. In 2013, she released her first mixtape, “Life in the Ghetto”. She was then followed by three more mixtapes: “The Truth”, “I’m a Hustla” and “Ain’t Nothin’ To Lose.”

Dr. Dre and Nicole are hip-hop royalty as Dre is the daughter of a legend music producer. Dre’s favorite family member is also an artist. She is an Instagram icon and continues to amaze us with her photos.

Truly started working at Aftermaths Entertainment when she was 16. She shared that her father, a famous man, named her Truly because he believed it was beautiful.

She’s been compared to many female rappers, including Nicki, Lil Kim and Iggy Azalea. Her latest single is “Hands On Me”.

How did she get her name? | Truly Young

Truly Young

Her dad gave her her name, and she named her after the song “True Love Waits”. But it wasn’t any ordinary love song. It was Linda Ronstadt’s ballad about true love waiting patiently.

She told ABC News that she was proud of her children because they have been supportive of her. “They are very supportive and loving and have been there for me from day one.

Mary Ann, Mary Ann’s mother, said, “We are both very proud about our daughter. We are very proud to have raised such a wonderful daughter.

Truly is now a full time student at Stanford University. However, people still ask her where she goes to school every day. “It’s funny, because I feel older than most children my age,” she said.

Truly Young Studies At A Prestigious University

Truly Young, the Gen Z celebrity kid was admitted to USC’s prestigious school for cinema arts in May 2019. Her father, Dr. Dre, caused quite a stir when she was admitted to the university in May 2019. Truly was admitted to the university without any problems. Her father posted a photo showing his pride in Truly.

Lori Loughlin was the one he was referring too, as she was allegedly paying university officials to admit Lori to an elite college.

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Later reports claimed that Dr. Dre and James “Jimmy”, a music mogul, had also contributed $70 millions to the university in 2013. Dre then posted another tweet apologizing for his tweet about Loughlin.

The Relationship between Nicole Young and Dr. Dre

Truly was married to Nicole and Dr. Dre on May 25, 1996. Her mother was the first to walk down the aisle with the Grammy-winning rapper. Dre and Nicole had Truly and Truice, their brother Truice.

Truly’s mother, Nicole is very far from social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Truly was previously married to Sedale Threatt, a NBA player.

After 24 years of marriage, The Blast reported Truly’s mother Nicole filed for divorce.

The split was soon messy. Dre accused Nicole of stealing company funds, and Dre’s estranged wife also accused Dre of cheating.

Dr. Dre and Nicola Young agreed to a divorce settlement worth $100 million in December 2021.

Truely Young Was Angrily On 50 Cent Criticizing Her Mother

After he made comments about her parents’ divorce, Truly reacted to 50 Cent on social media in Sep 2020.

Curtis James Jackson III posted a screenshot from an article about Nicole’s $2,000,000 a month support request during their divorce.

Nicole was mocked by 50 others for writing “these bitches are crazy, how can you even ask 2 million a months?”

To the In da Club song’s comment on her mother, Truly from one end wrote,

She also mentioned that 50 Cent’s comments about her parents’ divorce were not his marketing schemes, which she said were low-life and disgusting.

50 Cent later gave a brief “LOL” reply and didn’t go any further.

She has Six Siblings

Truly is Dre’s youngest child. Truice, her brother, is also mentioned. He was born in 1997.

Truly has four half-siblings, in addition to her biological brother. They are all from Truly’s father’s past relationships with different women.

It is worth mentioning her half-brother Andre Young, who died in 2008, People reports that Andre died from accidental overdose at 20 years old.

Are You Really Young Siblings?

Curtis, La Tanya, Marcel, and their lesser-known sisters are the remaining step-siblings. Curtis was Dr. Dre’s first child. He had Curtis as a teenager with his then-girlfriend Cassandra Joy Greene.

In 1983, he had La Tanya with Lisa Johnson, another girlfriend. Johnson also had La Tanya and two additional daughters.

In 1988, the Brickhard had two sons: Andre Young with Jenita Porter in 1988 and Marcel with Michelle Toussaint 1991.

She’s also a singer

Truly Young, just like her father is in the music business. Her ability to combine her airy falsetto and raw emotion is remarkable. In 2018, Lover Boy was Dre’s eighth child.

Vogue interviewed her in 2018 to discuss her greatest inspirations. She spoke out to Vogue about her career, saying that she hopes to inspire young people to challenge societal norms.

What is Truly Your Net Worth?

It is too early to begin assessing Truly’s networth, especially considering her young age. It is unfair to compare Truly’s financial gains to her father, who has an incredible net worth of more than $800 million.

Truly Young’s father, the superproducer Truly Young, still receives compensation for his Apple deal. He also earns income from his vast back catalog. He also owns a network of sprawling LA mansions and several properties throughout the US that are in the seven-figure range.

Truly and her siblings have not been able to join the two-comma club. However, she can admit that financial worries shouldn’t be a problem for her considering her father’s billion-dollar fortune.

Is Truly Young Has a Boyfriend

Truly, Nicole and Dre’s youngest child, posted some Instagram photos of herself and her boyfriend Aidan Korte. He is a fan favorite.

Truly has not shared much information about her boyfriend, other than that he is a Texan.

According to rumors, the couple began dating in fall 2018. In October 2018, she posted a photo of him on Instagram for the first time.

Although she didn’t call him her boyfriend immediately, the red heart in her caption indicated that the man was special to her. The young adult has shared photos of herself and her alleged boyfriend on all her social media accounts.

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