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What Is Verification Code For Whatsapp Complete Information?


Also known as the verification Code For Whatsapp(Time Password), the six-digit verification code for WhatsApp is also known. It’s a randomly generated combination of six numbers, which are sent by SMS or phone to authenticate the WhatsApp account. These OTPs are unique, and they change every time you verify a WhatsApp phone number. It is similar to an OTP that we receive when making online payments with our debit or credit cards.

How do I receive a six-digit verification number for WhatsApp?

verification number for WhatsApp
verification number for WhatsApp

You will need to enter your number with SMS and WhatsApp call service in order to receive the verification code. WhatsApp will send the OTP to you via SMS or phone call.

2. How do I receive a six-digit code by calling

For WhatsApp OTP, the default preference is SMS. If you do not receive them via SMS, however, you can tap the call option on WhatsApp for them to be delivered over a phone call.

3. Enter the six-digit verification code

When you create a WhatsApp account, enter the verification code that was sent to your OTP field.

4. How to locate a six-digit OTP for a smartphone

The OTP is usually sent via SMS. Open the default messaging app and search for the OTP from WhatsApp. It says “Your WhatsApp Code: XXXXXXXXXXX”.

5. Setup WhatsApp

Open the app by downloading it from the appropriate app store. Enter your phone number and OTP you received. After you have entered your phone number and OTP received, you will need to choose a profile picture for your account.

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