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What Happened to Roc Royal? Why is Roc Royal in Jail? Duration and Current Status


Chresanto August, commonly referred to by his stage name of Roc Royal, is an American rapper, actor, and dancer born July 23 in Los Angeles California. August is best known as one of the members of boy band Mindless Behavior who were auditioned as members in 2008. August made waves on the scene by joining Mindless Behavior shortly thereafter – auditioning as its second member at their audition held on July 16 2008

Misconduct and Mindless Behavior should not be accepted

Mindless Behavior decided to dismiss Roc Royal due to his disruptive behaviour in 2014. Reports indicate that August’s antics caused strain within the group and made it more difficult for everyone involved.

After his dismissal from Mindless Behavior, August found himself embroiled in legal trouble and in February 2016 was arrested on charges of robbery and battery. Later that same month he accepted a plea deal of two years in jail which began being served starting July 2016 until its completion.

February 2016 Incident: Video of Aggression Goes Viral

August became the prime suspect in November 2014 for the theft of producer Chris Clark’s BMW 325i during a studio session he shared with him, which occurred due to August’s refusal to cooperate.

Clark informed authorities of this, while in February 2016 August was caught on video hitting and kicking someone, sharing it on his Instagram account; although later deleted by August himself, the video went viral and caused serious concern within law enforcement agencies and amongst public opinion.

Musical Pursuits Behind Bars: August’s Creative Journey

Though August is currently serving his sentence, he continues to compose music while in jail. Some of his tracks were released for public listening in March 2016 as “I’m The Plug” and “I Choose Her,” among others. August also plans on releasing his next project after leaving prison.

August recently created a YouTube page entitled Santo August Music where he plans to post new music while still serving time in prison.

Current Status

Although August’s relatives have indicated he will soon be released, no information on his expected release date or length of sentence are currently available. As of 2022, August has been imprisoned for approximately five years on charges including battery, robbery and weapon possession.


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