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Who Is Ryan Upchurch Mom?

Ryan Upchurch is an American rapper, comedian, singer-songwriter. As with any celebrity, fans are keen to gain more information about their personal lives; specifically his family.

Ryan’s mother Patricia (Patty) Lynn was his primary caregiver while details regarding his father remain unknown. Austen Upchurch grew up alongside Ryan but not much is known about any other family members or relatives at present.

Are we worrying that Ryan Upchurch’s mother stole money?

Who Is Ryan Upchurch Mom?

Ryan Upchurch recently made headlines for speaking out publicly about a financial dispute involving his mother. According to him, she stole money from him and purchased a home worth over two million dollars without informing him first.

Who Is Ryan Upchurch Mom?

Ryan is angry that this information had been hidden from him by members of his family who only want his money; according to him they no longer consider her their mother anymore.

Ryan Edward Upchurch, commonly referred to as Upchurch or Ryan Upchurch The Redneck was born May 24 1991 in Cheatham County, Tennessee.

Who Is Ryan Upchurch Mom?

Initially becoming popular on social media as a comedian and later transitioning into music as both rapper and singer; eventually making waves as country rap, rap-rock, hip-hop and southern metal artist with albums like Heart to America, Chicken Willie Son of the south Creeper II Mud to gold among many more! With such massive following on social media as well as merchandise featuring his signature phrase “Raise hell and eat cornbread!”

Who Is Ryan Upchurch Mom?


Ryan Upchurch was raised by Patricia (Patty) Lynn as his mother and an unknown individual was his father. Ryan has one brother named Austen. Although there were financial disputes within his family unit, Ryan Upchurch managed to thrive professionally despite these hurdles, becoming immensely famous and successful within the entertainment industry, continuing to captivate his fans with his unique style and talent.


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