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10 Darkest Isekai Anime Of All Time [ Here is The List ]


Naofumi Iwatani and five other individuals are transported into a fantasy world where they must become heroes to save a kingdom from destruction. Unfortunately, he suffered under unfair treatment as other heroes’ Legendary Weapons consisted of actual weapons while his was just a shield.

darkest anime
darkest anime

He later encountered an unsuspecting adventurer who falsely accused him of rape and took all the little money he could save from the kingdom as well. Due to this event he was put on trial, exiled, and could only return when there was an emergency that needed saving – following this rise to strength and redemption as slowly he gradually cleared his name.

The Dungeon Of Company

This film recounts the story of Kinji Niyomiya, a real estate investor who earned enough through real estate investments to live an extravagant lifestyle without ever needing to work a day in his life. Unfortunately, through an unspecified portal in Amuria he found himself forced into working for a mining company that specialized in extracting crystals from underground caves.

Dungeons once traversed by heroes were once filled with ore demnite, which he finds himself discovering along his travels. Along his path are friends such as a dragon girl and a crocodile-demi-human, as he plots against Raiza’ha Mining Company to form his own mining operation.

Arifureta: From Commonplace To World’s Strongest

Hajime Nagumo finds himself transported into another world with his classmates. While most of them gain powerful abilities and become heroes, he only gains average abilities that lead to constant bullying from his classmates. While exploring a dungeon one day, one of Hajime’s classmates betrays him and sends him into its depths – leaving Hajime trapped forevermore.

He discovers powerful artifacts, gains new abilities, and goes through an extreme transformation that drastically alters both his appearance and personality – ultimately leaving him an outcast in society. Desperate to return home, he joins forces with vampire Yue on his search, who assists in helping him cope with both his new identity and world he finds himself living in.


Sota Mizushino is an ambitious high school student with dreams of writing his own light novel. Unwittingly he gets transported into Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier mecha anime world where he meets Selesia as she battles with another mysterious character dressed in military garb – eventually getting captured and transported back home himself!

After the battle, Sota and Selesia found out that anime characters from various creators had been transported into his world; some were aligned with a mysterious military-wearing woman who promised them safe passage home, unaware of her true intentions. Sota and Selesia attempted to stop her before she destroyed all their worlds.

Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash

People suddenly find themselves in an unfamiliar fantasy world without any memory of who or how they were before or how they got there. Some were recruited into Chief Britney’s military service as Trainee Volunteer Soldiers while those who didn’t were forced into becoming adventurers to find food and survive.

Under the leadership of Manato, they start out hunting weak monsters to become stronger and learn how to work together more efficiently. Their journey includes loss, revenge and ultimately coming to terms with life on Grimgar despite all odds.

Jobless Reincarnation: Mushoku Tensei

One man, subject to constant bullying by classmates during his school days, resolved to spend the remainder of his life locked in his room until one day when he decided to venture outside – only to sacrifice himself saving schoolgirls from an oncoming truck!

Rudeus Greyrat is the son of Paul the village chief and Zenith the adventurer, in this new world learning to trust and socialize with people while honing his magical talent. When disaster strikes and scatters them throughout the continent, Eris and Rudeus must navigate alone across this vast continent together until safety can be found again.

Sword Art Online was one of the pioneers of isekai anime genre. As one of the first VRMMORPG games with full dive technology, Sword Art Online became an addicting virtual reality MMORG that many found hard to leave and when players died within its virtual universe, they would also die physically in real life.

Clearing the game becomes the only means for players to return home. Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito), an expert gaming prodigy who found himself trapped within it, became immersed in it too – befriending Asuna as well as other party killers known as The Laughing Coffin.

Overlord This anime features another full-dive MMORPG which was about to close down after years of success, but one member decided to stay until its servers shut down, only for him to find himself transported back into its world after it did so! He was the leader of once successful guild which now had only 4 members; thus becoming its leader. He decided to remain in-game until its servers shut down; once they did, he found that everything kept on going as he expected; thus becoming immersed into its world!

He goes on a search to locate other players that may have also been transported, in an effort to unravel its mysteries, forming the guild Ainz Ooal Gown as an attempt at communicating his message of helplessness to them. This story depicts someone learning how to adapt their life in a virtual reality video game where power comes without limits or ethical concerns.

ReZero: Beginning Life In Another Dimension

Subaru Natsuki finds himself transported into a new world after being summoned. While trying to help Emilia, an half-elf he falls for, he dies in the process and wakes up again before finding that his demise had the ability to turn back time when it happened again. After dying twice and helping Emilia successfully, her host offers Subaru employment in one of his mansions as butler.

Subaru decides to use his abilities to protect his newfound love, who is running for ruler of Lugunica Kingdom. Yet Subaru suffers alone as each time he dies to alter an unfavorable future causes him immense suffering that no one in his vicinity knows about.

Saga of Tanya the Evil

An atheist Japanese man was reincarnated into this world by an entity calling itself God to face difficult circumstances that would force him to turn to religion; an attempt at punishment against not having faith. Tanya Degurechaff was chosen for him – an orphan girl living in the Empire where magic is integrated into military operations.

Being X, whom she calls God, threatens her with eternal damnation if she does not die a natural death and have faith in it. So she decides to join the Empire’s Mage Corps and rise through its ranks quickly in order to remain away from battlefront risks and limit risks of getting killed – becoming a cold soldier with little regard for people’s lives – particularly those that get on her bad side.