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Sana Khan, Who Is Pregnant, Talks About The “Weird” Video Of Her Husband Rushing Her At Baba Siddique’s Iftar Party As She Gets Out Of Breath


On Sunday in Mumbai, Sana Khan was seen at Baba Siddique’s Iftar party. Sana, who is expecting her first child, went to the politician’s party with her husband, Mufti Anas Saiyad. Actor Salman Khan was also there. A video of Sana was posted online. In it, her husband held her hand as they walked past paparazzi at the venue.

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Many people said that Sana looked “out of breath” in the video. Now, Sana has said something about the video that has been going around on social media. Also, Sana Khan and her husband, Anas Saiyad, are having their first child.


On Sunday, a paparazzo account on Instagram posted a video of Sana Khan and Mufti Anas Saiyad at Baba Siddique’s Iftar party. The title said, “Sana Khan thak gayi (Sana Khan looks tired)! Baba Siddique’s Iftar party was tonight, and Sana Khan and her husband were there. They must have been in a hurry!!” “Let her breathe, man,” someone said about it. Someone else asked, “Why is he pulling her so fast when she’s hurt?” One more person said, “She looks like she can’t breathe, she’s pregnant…”


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When Sana saw the video, she asked her “lovely brothers and sisters” not to worry about her well-being in the comments section. Sana, who was wearing all black, thanked her fans for being worried and said that the paparazzi video also “looks weird” to her. She said, “I just found out about this video. And I know it looks strange to all my lovely brothers and sisters and to me, too.

Once we got out, we lost touch with the driver and the car. I had been standing for longer than usual and was getting hot and uncomfortable, so he wanted to get me in quickly so I could sit down, drink some water, and get some fresh air. I was the one who told him to hurry up because the paparazzi were taking pictures of all the guests and we didn’t want to wake them up. So, if I may make a request, don’t think otherwise. Again, thanks to everyone for caring. I love everyone here a lot.”

Sana, who was on Bigg Boss 6, stopped acting before she got married to Anas in 2020. In an interview in March of this year, Sana said that she was expecting a child. “I’m excited about it. Clearly, it’s a whole different journey. As a woman, I go up and down emotionally a lot (Emotionally, I have been facing many ups and downs). But I think the journey is beautiful. I just can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms “In an interview with Iqra TV, Sana said this.

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