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Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Salad Recipe: How to Find Ingredients & Prepare


Seafood Salad Dreamlight Valley: Players in Disney Dreamlight Valley must accomplish Friendship Quests in order to raise the Friendship levels of various Disney characters, including Donald Duck and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The “Peacemakers” mission will eventually be assigned to players once they have Moana on the island.

Moana is curious about the weird object the players discovered and thinks Maui is more knowledgeable about it than she is. Maui, though, is nonetheless displeased with Moana for abandoning him in their domain after she departed for Dreamlight Valley. Disney Dreamlight Valley players must prepare three meals, one of which is seafood salad, to cheer him up.

On March 6, 2023, Greysun Morales updated: One of the most sought-after meals that players will need to prepare to complete one of Moana’s friendship objectives is the Seafood Salad recipe. This tutorial includes instructions on how to cook Seafood Salad from Dreamlight Valley as well as specific directions on where to find the components.

Seafood Salad Recipe in Dreamlight Valley

seafood salad dreamlight valley

To construct a seafood salad for Moana, players need to utilise any seafood and a piece of lettuce. It’s important to note that this recipe only works with shellfish, such as shrimp, lobster, scallops, or clams. Regular old fish won’t work.

To prepare the seafood salad, the players must locate a burner and combine the ingredients.

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It is a two-star recipe that costs 335 Star Coins and restores 570 Energy.

How to Find Items for a Seafood Salad

How to Find Items for a Seafood Salad

Acquiring Lettuce

The best option for obtaining the ingredients for the Seafood Salad is to go to Goofy’s stand in the Peaceful Meadow. Although the merchandise at the shop may occasionally change, according to our observations, Goofy charges three pennies each lettuce seed. He also offers lettuce that is already cooked for 12 cents each.

If players want the recipe quick and simple, it could be best to just buy the Lettuce itself.

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Players can save some money by purchasing the seeds, planting them, and watching them grow.

Purchase of Shellfish

At Dazzle Beach are a number of clams and scallops that are ready to be picked up if you’re interested in seafood. Fishing is another option for players at Dazzle Beach to capture shrimp. Bring a companion who can play the fishing role with you. Players will have a better chance of finding shellfish if they do this.