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A definitive ranking of every ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween’s episode ever


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‘Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween’s episode

'Bob's Burgers' Halloween's episode
‘Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween’s episode

As with all things relating to Halloween 2020, Bob’s Burgers has good news and bad news too.

First, the bad news is Belcher fans will have to wait until the day after All Hallow’s occasion to enjoy this year’s annual Halloween theme, Bob’s Burgers episode. Season 11’s fourth episode, “Heartbreak Hotel,” originally to telecast on October 18 October. But thanks to baseball scheduling, an attack has now been postponed and won’t telecast until November.

Now, for the excellent news, with lots of October to come and ten seasons of Belchers is gone. But, there is still great hair-raising, spine-chilling, nail-biting Bob’s to fuel the festive, extremely cruel binge. 

We have arranged through every Bob’s Burgers Halloween special, ranked them for least to most memorable. Paved with flat stone slabs what costumes everyone wore, one needs some inspiration.

Happy haunting, Bob-ists! Bob-sites?

Happy haunting
Happy haunting

1. Season 6, Episode 3: “The Haunting.”

Why it is excellent: Louise gets the scare of a lifetime when the Belchers pull off the best prank Bob’s has ever seen—using Mort’s mom’s house as their stage. Bob and Linda put on a homemade haunt house that is exciting. So they will get Louise with the far more detailed nightmare they have plans with Gene and Tina. Full of twists and turns and that classic Belcher above-and-beyondness. This Halloween will be the best they have ever had. Not to mention, it is gone the Boyz 4 Now single “I Love You So Much (It is Scary),” and that is just a plain bop.

Who wore which costume: The kids are don’t get costumes in this one. But Bob and Linda go as the mad scientist, the bride of Frankenstein. Then, briefly join twins in their D.I.Y. haunting house. Plus, Teddy, Mort, Mort Mom, and Mort Mom’s boyfriend Arthur pretend to be secret.

2. Season 3, Episode 2: “Full Bars.” 

Why it is excellent: Bob’s Burgers’ first Halloween episode ever not only includes a murder mystery centering on Teddy, Bob, Linda. An unlucky guinea pig, it also gave Tina, Gene, Louise, and viewers their first glimpse at the wealthy world of King’s Head Island. In addition, the kids’ something of the best candy in town introduces them to neighborhood friends.

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We would see for years to come. Plus, Louise is trying to throw that cellphone into that moving car is always hilarious.

Who wore which costume:

For trick-or-treating, Louise goes as Edward Scissorhands.

  • Tina becomes an ancient Egyptian corpse with an infant, aka “Mummy Mommy.”
  • Gene appears rapper and actress Queen Latifah from her unity development. 

At Teddy’s Halloween party, Linda rocks to an understated yet graceful mermaid costume. At some point, Teddy and his guinea pig Francis go as tigers. Unfortunately, Bob also gets too forced into a sumo suit.

3. Season 5 and Episode 2: “Tina and the Real Ghost.” 

Why it is excellent: After paranormal investigators claim the restaurant has become home to an unworldly presence. Linda and the kids hold a meeting in the basement. Enter Jeff and a 13-year-old ghost boy freshly trap in a shoebox. Tina is now dating. This episode is a great victory for Tina’s confidence and Louise’s cheating. 

Who wore which costume: It is another low-costume affair in Season 5 is Louise and Gene keep up the festivities. Going Ryan Gosling’s silk jacket-wearing character from Drive. Gene is going as both Turner and Hooch from the 1989 classic: “He is half dog, half Hanks, all cop.”

4. Season 4, Episode 2: “Fort Night.”

Why it is excellent: Halloween does not go as planning when the kids’ fort — which is just old rubbish in the back behind buildings of the restaurant gets block trucks. With kids still inside, the gang has no choice but to take help from a passerby. Louise’s unease classmate Millie. It is an excellent chapter in the bizarre uniqueness of Millie and Louise, made even more memorable by the urgent circumstances. But, seriously, do not play in dumpsters because it is in danger. 

Who wore which costume: Darryl is winning the evening as a member of the iconic band Devo. Mainly as seen in the 1980 music video called “Whip It.” Millie goes as bunny half of a dust bunny with hopes of Louise going as the dust half. But, Louise joins in a five-person Chinese dragon costume with Tina, Gene, Andy, and Ollie. That is ultimately gets worn by Bob and Linda since the kids got trap in the dumpster above.

5. Season 7, Episode 3: “Teen-a Witch.”

Why it is excellent: Tina is feeling hopeful about the year’s school costume contest. But Tammy steals Tina’s idea for her costume. Ambitious fashionable thing wear must turn to the dark side, suggesting the always extremely amusing Mr. Ambrose. Tina attempts to cheat at the contest by using witchcraft. The result is a messy, drama load affair that is equal parts sinister and bold.

Who wore which costume: In an episode, all on costumes. Unfortunately, there are not many great ones at the Wagstaff costume contest. Still, ranks in order from worst to best. So, Tammy’s “Hot Mess,” Tina’s “Sand-Witch,” Peter’s Pescadero’s Mona Lisa, Rudy’s Marcel Marceau, and Jocelyn’s sexy Judge Judy, the question is which is the best costume.

6. Season 9, Episode 5: “Dream on Ocean Avenue Street.”

Why it is excellent: It is a high situation Halloween when Teddy goes head-to-head with rival handyman Glenn in a decorations contest. Kids are hunting down a masked thief stealing candy from candy. Wearing spectacles of seeing all of Ocean Avenue out for all Hallow occasions is super fun. The addition of haunting house “Mutilation Mansion” to the eye-catching weirdness that is Wonder Wharf will be more festive. Finally, Bob and Teddy are hanging actual running chainsaws from a gigantic spider in the restaurant’s front. It’s like cherry is top of one’s Halloween of Bob.

Who wore which costume: In the Season 9 episode, everybody gets an outfit. Gene is giant,” with a combination of rapper and the late wrestler cum turned cum actor. He is a “Dragon with a Girl Tattoo.” A send-up of Stieg Larsson’s famous novel, and Tina is “Nun of Your Business.” A belief woman is carrying a briefcase. Darryl dresses up as PeeWee Herman, and Rudy goes as Paul Rudd’s character from I Love You, Man, Andy and Ollie are peanut butter and jelly. Finally, Bob is Bruce Springsteen, not just wearing a bandana and jeans.

7. Season 10, Episode 4: “Pig is Trouble in Little Tina.”

Why it is excellent: Just in time for Halloween, it is fetal pig cut to pieces day in Tina’s science class. But she makes fun of her fetal pig’s appearance to impress the classmates. The guilt that haunts her is worse than any ghost. It is most probably the “scariest” Bob’s episode ever is created. But, the fetal pig is still pretty, and Tina’s heart is gold, which always shines bright.

Who wore which costume: The episode is a little low on costumes. But sufficiently high on puns goes to Bjorn Identity,” leading role from Bourne.

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He was wearing BabyBjörn and Gene to go Fiona Applesauce. The eight-time Grammy winner reimagines it as snack food.

8. Season 8 and Episode 3: “The Wolf of Wharf Street.”

Why it is excellent: When news of a wolf moves restlessly around Wonder Wharf reaches the Belchers. Linda decides to join Tina, Gene, and Louise out trick-or-treating. The result is a dangerous adventure in trying to cool in front of the kids, totally failing and still having a beautiful good time as a family anyway. Unfortunately, Bob’s Halloween episodes are the least memorable. But the main storyline is sweet, Bob and Teddy’s story is fun enough.

Who wore which costume: Linda leads the gang as a “Cher-iff” ( why know, Cher if she was a member of local law enforcement). In tow is Gene as some “Handsome Grapes,” Louise as Javier Bardem’s character from No Country for Old Men, and Tina as a mom zombie (aka “Mombie”).

Oh, and Teddy is a sexy nurse. He meant to order a “scary nurse” costume, but the universe had different plans for him!

Bonus episodes

Want to keep the spooky Bob’s Burgers merriment going? Then check out these episodes, which aren’t Halloween-themed but certainly fall on the more mysterious side.

You have got Season 8’s “The Silence of the Louise.” Thousands of episodes with a Silence of the Lambs twist. Season 6’s “Lice Things Lice” is a genuinely terrifying story is featuring Jackie, the school nurse. Season 5’s “Housetrap” is a murder mystery with a love triangle plot. Season 3’s “The Deepening” is a parody of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. In season 1’s “Human Flesh that time the Belchers were accused of cannibalism by the health department.

Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween 2020 episode airs on November 1 at 9 p.m.

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