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Picsart Now Offers An Ai Picture Generator As Well As An Ai Writer


Ai picture generator Picsart, a digital creation company, announced Wednesday that it will be adding an AI Image Generator to its platform and an AI Writer for creating images and copy.

Picsart claims that text-to-image generators have been growing in popularity and it is adding one to its platform.

Picsart’s ai picture generator, like other models, allows you to create images by simply entering words, phrases, or paragraphs. Picsart’s iOS platform currently offers the AI Image Generator.

To access the AI Image Generator, open the iOS app by tapping the plus sign at bottom of screen. This will allow you to create a new project. Scroll down until you find the tool, and then select it.

Enter A Phrase, Word Or Sentence About What Image You Wish To Create

Ai Writer
Ai Writer

You can also choose from the suggested keywords, and then tap “Generate Image” to view your AI-created image results. You can then choose your favorite image to edit with Picsart’s tools.

The AI Writer was created to help small businesses market by making copywriting tools available to everyone.

It can be used as an ad writer or social media bio creator.

It works by simply entering some prompts, then choosing the tone or voice you want. Copy is generated in seconds. Picsart Quicktools currently has the feature.

Picsart CEO Hovhannes avoyan stated that “Generative AI” is a powerful new resource to visual creators and anyone else who needs content.

This technology has two major advantages: first, it makes creativity more accessible and second, it increases productivity for people who create.

These Tools Are Just A Few Of The Many Ai Features That We Intend To Develop

Picsart’s AI Image Generator and AI Writer joins the existing AI tools of Picsart, such as its AI Enhance feature and AI-Generated Fonts feature.

After announcing a $130m round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, the company achieved unicorn status in August 2021. It has 150 million monthly active users, and is ranked No. According to Sensor Tower data, 19 apps were downloaded the most in 2021.

Picsart’s AI Image Generator was launched at a time when text-to-image AI generation is becoming more popular, particularly with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2Picsart isn’t alone in launching its text-to-image AI Generator.

Lightricks, A Mobile Photo Editing App Creator, And Tiktok Also Joined The Ai-generated Art Train.

Picsart, a digital creation platform, has announced an integration with Google Drive via Google Workspace Marketplace.

Picsart users can now edit Google Drive images using Picsart’s web editor, and then save them to Drive.

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