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Aki Technologies Acquires Eye View’s Ad Personalization Technology


Aki Technologies Among the latest additions to Aki’s growing marketing team is a pair of experienced sales executives. Cristina Costa and Alexa Williams will help to expand the company’s reach to desktop and connected TV advertising.

Aki Technologies: Moment marketing powered by patented technology and proprietary data

Aki Technologies
Aki Technologies

Earlier this month, ad tech startup Aki Technologies acquired ad personalization technology from Eyeview. Founded in 2006, Eyeview is best known for its innovative one-to-one video advertising platform. They reportedly garnered more than $72 million in venture capital over 13 years.

The tech is the brainchild of CEO Scott Swanson, who is a former advertising executive.

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Aki plans to hire the Eyeview team members he can scrounge up, and integrate the technology stack with their own during the latter part of 2020.

The Eyeview technology is likely to augment Aki’s current desktop and mobile advertising strategies. The Eyeview’s technology can produce millions of permutations of video creative, allowing them to offer consumers more personalized ad options.

The technology uses location, content consumption, and environmental signals to deliver relevant advertising in the moment.

The technology can also store the videos in the cloud. The Eyeview ad personalization platform has been lauded as the “most differentiated” video platform in the industry.

Amongst other awards, it was named a winner of the Best Live Video Marketing Solution award at the MarTech Breakthrough awards.

Aki Technologies: Expanding beyond mobile advertising to desktop and connected TV

Personalized digital advertising technology leader Aki Technologies has agreed to be acquired by Inmar Intelligence. The move will expand Aki’s existing capabilities to desktop and connected TV, adding more personalized advertising options to brands’ digital ad campaigns.

Aki’s patented technology enables dynamically tailored ads based on region, weather, buying preferences, and other factors. This allows brands to reach consumers at their most meaningful moments. The company has four patents for its personalization technology.

The company also recently launched CTV ONE, the first Connected TV advertising solution, which uses Aki’s patented personalization technology to deliver ads that are optimized for each mobile moment.

This reduces ad fatigue, increases recall, and increases consumer favorability. Aki has worked with several brand partners to launch CTV ONE campaigns.

Connected TV ads can be placed on any connected device, including Xbox, PlayStation, smart TVs, and gaming devices.

These ads can also be placed on computers and mobile streaming devices. They are guaranteed to produce better results than standard video placement.

Aki Technologies: Win more attention, engagement, and ROAS than generic ads

Earlier this year, ad tech startup Aki Technologies acquired ad tech company Eyeview to add to its ad stack. Aki’s ad tech and digital media expertise was well suited for Eyeview’s ad tech and video technology expertise.

Aki’s ad tech technology enables personalized, interactive video content and ads ranging from television to mobile.

Aki’s ad tech solutions are used by leading brands across the verticals of retail, media and entertainment, healthcare and financial services. The company’s technology is powered by the latest in video ad technology and can store its ad data in the cloud.

Aki’s ad tech solution is not just about ads, it’s about connecting consumers with brand and product information. Using this technology, Aki can deliver ad content based on consumers’ interests and behaviors. Aki can even deliver a small reminder banner with a coupon or discount to further engage consumers.

Aki’s ad tech strategy is a winning combination. Aki’s ad tech platform is the most comprehensive ad stack available in the market.

Cristina Costa and Alexa Williams join Aki’s sales team

During Q4 of 2019, Aki Technologies grew revenues by 25% compared to the same time period last year. This comes as the company launched a CPG division, which will be led by former Eyeview VP of Sales, Risa Crandall.

She brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served in leadership positions at Meredith Corporation, Quotient Technology and Crisp Mobile. She will help brands drive consumer engagement through moment marketing.

Aki will also expand its retail product suites, which include ad personalization and video. The company is working to enhance the consumer experience for brands, and has a growing portfolio of clients that use the company’s technology.

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Aki’s sales team will focus on working with brands to measure sales lift, and will emphasize the use of moments to message consumers. The company also announced that it is adding 15 new employees this year.

In January of 2020, Aki acquired Eyeview, which helped strengthen the company’s video offerings. Cristina Costa and Alexa Williams joined Aki’s sales team, bringing eleven years of CPG agency experience to the company.

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