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Asher J. Montgomery: The Harvard Crimson Reporter Who Covers the World


Asher J. Montgomery is currently a senior at Harvard College and works as a staff writer for The Harvard Crimson, Harvard’s student-run newspaper. He has covered topics ranging from local politics and campus events to international affairs and global issues, all the way to nuclear security research at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs in Cambridge Massachusetts.

A Passion for Journalism

Asher J. Montgomery:
Asher J. Montgomery:

Montgomery first discovered his passion for journalism as a young child when he started reading newspapers and magazines at home in New York City. Captivated by stories of people and places from all around the globe, Montgomery joined his high school newspaper as freshman before quickly becoming its editor-in-chief; additionally he took part in numerous journalism competitions and workshops, honing both writing and reporting skills.

As soon as he applied to Harvard, he knew he wanted to join The Harvard Crimson, one of the oldest and most prestigious college newspapers in America. Accepted into The Crimson in his first semester, he quickly established himself as an outstanding journalist covering various beats including Kennedy School, Law School and Faculty of Arts & Sciences; additionally writing feature pieces on topics like education, social justice and culture.

A Global Perspective

Asher J. Montgomery’s passion for journalism enabled him to broaden his horizons beyond Harvard. During a summer internship at The New York Times, where he collaborated with some of the industry’s most esteemed journalists. There he wrote articles covering national and international topics including 2022 U.S. Presidential election, COVID-19 pandemic, Israel-Palestine conflict as well as digital/multimedia platforms including podcasts/videos/interactive graphics for national sections such as this newspaper.

Harvard was also an invaluable opportunity to expand his horizons academically; he majored in government with a secondary in history, taking courses on Middle Eastern politics, China, Russia, human rights and democracy – as well as studying abroad in London where he immersed himself into British culture and politics before writing a senior thesis under Professor Matthew Bunn – an internationally acclaimed expert on nuclear policy – on nuclear weapon roles within international security systems.

A Bright Future of Asher J. Montgomery

Montgomery’s achievements and experiences have garnered him widespread respect from peers and mentors, earning awards such as the Harvard College Research Program Grant, Harvard Institute of Politics Summer Stipend, and Crimson Leadership Award. Additionally, he has been invited to speak at various events such as Harvard Kennedy School Forums, Law School Symposiums, Alumni Association Conferences etc.

Montgomery plans to pursue a journalism career after graduating from Harvard. He envisions covering and informing the public with regard to international security and diplomacy issues; as well as writing books and documentaries about history and politics of the world. For him, journalism is not simply a profession; rather, it represents both his mission and passion: “My goal is to be a journalist who covers world news not just because it is interesting or entertaining; instead I hope I make an impactful difference through journalism. ”

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