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Dick Enberg: Broadcasting Excellence Across Six Decades


In this article, Dick Enberg has long been a beloved presence in American living rooms. With his catchphrase of “Oh my” and ability to capture all the drama and excitement associated with sports events, Enberg became one of the most revered broadcasters ever.

dick enberg
dick enberg

Early Years and Career Beginnings

Enberg’s career started in the late 1950s, quickly becoming an experienced and versatile sports broadcaster. He covered an array of sports such as baseball, football, basketball, tennis and boxing; his passion and ability as an eloquent storyteller were greatly appreciated by audiences and made him sought-after as voiceover talent for some of sports biggest events.

A Voice for All Seasons

Enberg was widely respected for his broadcast work at major sporting events like the Olympics, Super Bowl, Wimbledon and U.S. Open. His unique ability was covering both play-by-play action as well as color commentary to provide insightful yet entertaining broadcasts – which earned him numerous accolades such as Emmys and induction into several halls of fame.

Legacy and Impact

Legacy and Impact Dick Enberg retired in 2016, leaving behind an enduring legacy in sports journalism. His influence went far beyond being just another journalist; his guidance mentored many aspiring broadcasters while advocating on behalf of their profession. Dick’s dedication to his craft will remain as an example for generations to come.

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