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Blooket: A Guide for Teachers and Students on How to Play


With the help of online tools and websites like Kahoot!, Blooket, Gimkit, and many more, the way people teach has changed a lot. We’ll take a quick look at the web-based learning platform Play Blooket games and how to play and use it best in this article.

Because of the COVID 19 virus, learning from a distance is now the norm. Teachers want to keep kids interested and minimise boredom. Polls, games, quizzes, and tests in the classroom are all important parts of the process.

These activities assist teachers catch students’ attention and keep them engaged while learning. If you’re a teacher who still uses brick-and-mortar methods, try modernising.

Blooket is a good place to start. Here’s a quick overview of what it is, how to use it, and how to make sure your students can play games that help them learn what you’ve been trying to teach them.

Blooket Means?

The latest version of the game-based learning method that students and teachers use is Blooket. It’s a free site that gives students a fun and different way to learn through a wide range of classroom games that give them points when they answer questions correctly.

Tom Stewart and Ben Stewart made the platform, which is both fun and useful, with the main goal of making learning and teaching more memorable. Booket doesn’t have an app right now; it only has its website.

Teachers can create “sets” of questions on any topic. Other teachers’ “sets” are also available. Each set could organise distinct student activities.

What’s the process?

Blooket’s basic concept is simple and straightforward. First, teachers need to create an account and then import or modify the set of questions.

Next, students will need to select the game that they wish to host and then share their Game ID with them in order to allow them to join. Students don’t need to create an account. Students can sign up with a Game ID.

Positives from Blooket

  • Blooket makes teaching easier for teachers and makes learning more fun for students. Blooket offers both teachers and students many benefits.
  • Teachers can also download similar questions for different games and use them as a guide. They can also use sets created by other educators.
  • Students are free to work at their own pace and can answer any questions. Students don’t have to wait for the timer to run out or for other students who are quicker or slower than they.
  • Blooket allows students to compete against each other through the games. This encourages students to be more productive and keeps them active.
  • These games are so much fun, they can keep children of all ages engaged.
  • Blooket is free to use and has a user interface that is engaging.

Negatives from Blooket

Blooket is a coin that has two faces. You should be aware of the limitations and drawbacks. Let’s look at the most important.

  • Blooket lets teachers terminate games after a certain date or amount. If there aren’t enough
  • questions, fast finishers may get repeats.No reader is incorporated.
  • Each question must be read.
  • Teachers can’t change others’ questions.
  • You must pay to access or download the complete report.
  • The free version just shows each student’s correct/incorrect percentage.
  • Too-complicated Blooket games may not be fun for all.

How can Play Blooket help teachers?

Blooket is easy to use for teachers and educators. Here’s a quick overview of Blooket’s platform for educators.

  • You will need to create an account with your email address or Google account in order to use the platform. It is easy and free to sign up. Log in to your account once you have signed up.
  • After signing in, the dashboard page will appear. Here you can either make a complete set of questions or choose from the options within the set. You’ll see your News, Shortcuts and other tabs to navigate the platform.
  • Favorites can be used to save and search for games. You can also add other question sets to your Favorites. The Homework tab allows you to add or check homework that has been assigned to your students.
  • Your Discover Sets tab will provide answers to your questions. Once you have selected the set of questions, it’s time to select one of the available games. Next, host the game.
  • You’ll then be issued a Game ID, which you can give to your students. The Game ID will allow students to sign up and play the game. You can then review the results with your students and assess how they performed.

How students may play Blooket Games.

Students can use Blooket from any location. You don’t need an account to play Blooket games. An account is always the best option.

Players must enter their Game ID in order to participate in the game or do homework. You can also use your username and icons.

Solot allows students to play online games with their preferred methods, from a variety of subjects. They can learn many fascinating things without getting bored.

Gameblooket Popular games

At the moment, educators can host five Blooket games (Tower Defense, Café, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, and Tower of Doom) that also have the “assign HW” option. They can change the length of time the game ID is good for as well as some other settings.


It’s a trivia game similar to Kahoot. To earn points and climb the leaderboard, students must respond quickly to questions. This challenge is presented to students simultaneously.

Gold Quest

Students can read each question on their smartphones to play self-paced, timed games. Students who answer all questions correctly will be able choose three boxes to unlock.

Some players have gold while others don’t. Some allow them to purchase gold from other people. The game is won by the player with the most silver at its conclusion.

Battle Royale

Students answer questions face-to-face. You can also play the game in team vs. You can also play in team mode. The winner of the game is the one who correctly answers the question.


The students need to answer the questions quickly and clearly in order for them to be able serve customers and replenish their cafeteria. The student who has the most cash at the end stage wins.


Students must be able answer questions quickly and accurately in order to Blook ahead to their competitors to win this race.

Tower of Doom

To beat the Blooks, students must answer questions to collect cards. This is a great assignment for homework or school projects.


Similar to Cafe, students must be able answer correctly to unlock their Blooks and manage the factory with great success.

Crazy Kingdom

It is a game of strategy where students must be able answer the questions quickly to manage their kingdom’s guest requests and resources.

Which is better Blooket, or Kahoot?

Blooket is a bit older than Kahoot! The most trusted name in gaming-based education. Both can be used by teachers to keep students interested in their studies and have fun.

Blooket, however, has all the attributes to be better than Kahoot if it plays its cards right. Kahoot has a wide range of educational activities for students and teachers. Blooket has a variety of games to ensure that children are always entertained.

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